Forbes’ True/Slant Prepares To Sign Off


As expected, Forbes is shuttering the True/Slant site this weekend, according to the posts of several contributors. As Fishbowl NY noted, all of the reader farewells penned by T/S contributors say that they hope to working on a new “undisclosed” project. The not-too-well-veiled hint is that it will be on Forbes’ site. Lewis D’Vorkin, who founded T/S and sold it to Forbes in May, didn’t return messages. Neither did Forbes reps. Several T/S contributors paidContent spoke to said they have been largely kept in the dark about plans for continuing the site’s model.

Since buying T/S, Forbes has talked about integrating the startup’s entrepreneurial approach to freelance content into its editorial operations. As many thought when Forbes announced the acquisition of T/S, it was really buying D’Vorkin and his concept, not the site itself. D’Vorkin, who was a Forbes editor in the past, had also been consulting for the publisher since April. As part of the sale, D’Vorkin was put in charge of all editorial areas at Forbes as Chief Product Officer.

Since the transition of D’Vorkin and T/S to Forbes, the magazine has had a few personnel changes. Last week, William Baldwin, Forbes

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