Vodpod Adds Mobile Apps for More Social Sharing

vodpod mobile

Online video curation startup Vodpod launched mobile apps on the iPhone and Android mobile platforms today. The new apps, which are live in the Apple App store and Android Market, are designed to give its users a new way to discover mobile videos.

Vodpod has added social discovery to its feature set, enabling users to begin following other members and feeds on the site. By choosing to follow the accounts of others that have curated videos, Vodpod users can now get an inline feed of content relevant to their interests. It is taking the social discovery aspect one step further with apps that enable viewing of those feeds on mobile devices.

The new Vodpod apps feed in videos relevant to users that have been curated by the other accounts that they follow. The apps, which are built on the Vodpod API, show how others could use that resource to build similar apps or incorporate Vodpod data into their own existing apps. According to an email by Vodpod CEO Mark Hall, the iPhone app only took about five weeks to build, which shows how easily the Vodpod social discovery features could be integrated into other apps.

Vodpod isn’t the only company working on making sharing videos more social over mobile devices. Clicker just released new social features and mobile apps that enable users to connect with their friends to share what they’re watching and find new videos they haven’t seen before. And apps like Tunerfish, Miso and Philo enable users to check in to TV shows and web videos that they can share with other users.

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