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How-To: Access Media on a Mac With a PlayStation 3

For Mac users who want to access media with their PlayStation 3, life just got a little easier.

One of the many features of the PlayStation 3 is accessing media such as photos, video and music from other devices via Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). Using a Windows PC with a PlayStation is very easy — the PS3 recognizes the computer instantly. However, up until now, it’s been extremely difficult for Mac users to get a UPnP server set up and have the PS3 recognize it. That’s where Playback by Yazsoft comes in.

After you download Playback and run it for the first time, the application automatically integrates with your media applications such as iTunes, iPhoto and Aperture. With a simple click of the Start button, the application sets up a UPnP server which your PS3 can connect to straight away by going to Video, Music or Photos on the XMB (sometimes called the Home screen).

However, it doesn’t stop there. You can customize exactly what Playback sends to the PS3, including specifying drives and folders on your Mac to share, and even streaming EyeTV recordings. To do this, open Playback and go to the Movies, Music or Photos tabs and use the boxes to check on or off how you want to stream.

Playback can also use Growl notifications to tell you when a device connects to its server, and you can allow and deny access for individual devices under the Access tab of the application window. It also allows for even more precise access control by allowing you to set exactly what media you want to be available to each device. For example, you could only allow movies to be streamed to one PlayStation, while another is allowed all three media types.

Playback is available as a 7-day trial, which limits streaming to 30 minutes per session, or a bundle of three licenses costs $15 from the Yazsoft website. You can also obtain a license for free by reviewing the software on your website, or get a $5 discount simply by posting a message about Playback on Twitter.

16 Responses to “How-To: Access Media on a Mac With a PlayStation 3”

  1. scout stevenson

    I’ve tried all or most of these…I can view photos with most of them but video and music NEVER work…it always says “folder empty” when I navigate to the video or music section…any hints would be helpful..thx in advance..

  2. haggis

    Started backing up my Mac to a Synology ds210j NAS box and found that it has the ability to stream music, photos and video to a PS3 (or XBox).

  3. I currently use Rivet or PS3 Media Server, but I’ll definitely give Playback a shot. I like Rivet, but without .mkv support I end up transcoding with PS3 Media Server for a lot of video streaming, which can be spotty at times. I look forward to seeing how Playback performs.

  4. Osmodious

    Second vote for Rivet here…quick and painless installation, easy setup, comprehensive capabilities and never a stutter even though my MBP connects wirelessly. I had tried a few others but had problems with them crashing, crashing my Mac, stuttering or pixelating, slow access, etc…never with Rivet!

  5. Having tried pretty much all of them; Playback **easily** blows past both Rivet and Medialink combined both in terms of performance and stability. PS3 Media while free, is the most hideous, resource sucking, stone age java application out there. I own both Medialink and Rivet; they’re both caused me more headache than I wish to remember.

  6. Thom Mahoney

    Rivet is pretty good too and it has support for iOS. I’m surprised you didn’t mention it. Or did you review it for that free license?