New Mac Pro Gets 12 Cores, ATI Graphics

The Mac Pro was the product on Apple’s (s appl) line that most needed a refresh, and it’s finally here. The new Mac Pro features Intel’s (s intc) latest quad-core and 6-core Xeon processors, giving you up to 12 cores and offering 50 percent greater performance over its aging predecessor. Clock speeds on the quad-core model are up to 2.8 GHz, while the 8-core model gets bumped to 2.4 GHz for each processor.

In addition to the dodeca-core upgrade, the Mac Pro also features new ATI (s amd) graphics with the help of the ATI Radeon HD 5770 or HD 5870 graphics processors. Memory isn’t neglected either now that buyers have the option of maxing out their RAM to 32GB and their HDD space to 4TB. Buyers also have the option of configuring it with up to four 512GB SSDs, which should be insanely fast — and insanely expensive.

Speaking of expense, the baseline quad-core model costs $2499, while the 8-core model costs $3499, and the 12-core a whopping $4999. I hope any of you potential buyers out there just got your paycheck.

No word yet on when this monster will be available. These new monsters should be available for purchase sometime next month. You can read the full press release for more specs.