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Apple Introduces New Magic Trackpad

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In line with the wide-ranging speculation taking place on the Internet yesterday, Apple (s aapl) this morning made a number of updates to its store including the introduction of a brand-new magical product, the Magic Trackpad. A $69 multitouch trackpad with a bluetooth connection for pairing with your Mac, the Magic Trackpad gives you “a whole new way to control what’s on your desktop computer.”

The new device promises to offer desktop users the chance to take advantage of all the cool multitouch gestures that MacBook users have been enjoying for a while. Slightly larger than the trackpad found on the MacBook Pro, but made of the same touch sensitive glass, the entire surface of the Magic Trackpad also clicks, allowing it to be used as a complete replacement for your mouse.

This will be an interesting option for those of us that have been relying on third-party apps to add additional multitouch gestures to the Magic Mouse. Complicated gestures on the Magic Mouse have never quite felt right as it’s rather small, curved and the whole thing is meant to slide along your work surface. A trackpad seems like a much more natural option for four finger swipes and other advanced gestures.

At the moment, it’s not clear exactly what gestures will be supported nor how customizable the options will be, but according to the product page, “a full set of gestures” will be available, including Exposé and application switching. One might assume that the same apps we’ve been using to add our own gestures to the built-in trackpads and the Magic Mouse will also work with the new Magic Trackpads.

Will you be buying one?

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14 Responses to “Apple Introduces New Magic Trackpad”

  1. Seems pretty cool but I won’t be getting one. Now then if they were to release a Bluetooth keyboard and Magic Trackpad combo device I might have to get one of those when I get my media center Hackintosh built.

  2. compulsionstar

    i like my trackpad on my make but if i was going to get something to hook to the side i would get a mouse or a wacom tablet. same thing when I had my G5 desktop. As much as love the gestures of my trackpad, i wouldn’t go out of my way for them,especially since it really wasn’t useful until i i got the JiTouch third party application. Half the reason the trackpad is nice is the fact that it is a good alternative to a mouse that fits nicely into a laptop for compact form factor.

  3. This is another good step in making the Mac more interactive. Apple was going in this way with Magic Mouse. The Magic Trackpad takes it a step further. Hopefully in Apple will take this even further in the future with a touchsceen mac. The Magic Trackpad is actually much larger than the trackpad on the Macbook Pro, nearly 80% larger in fact.

    • There is a touchscreen Mac already. It’s called the iPad. Sure, it runs iOS, but just imagine Mac OS X on a touchscreen. Ouch! Try working on your Mac normally, but following your mouse pointer with your finger and touching the screen lightly when clicking. How long until your arm hurts?

      Or think of the auto-hide function of the dock. Think of the small traffic light buttons on window title bars. Think of the buttons in Safari’s address bar. Think of the menu bar. Think of just about every UI element. The OS is not going to be as easy to use as with a mouse/trackpad and keyboard! It’s going to be yet another awkward tablet PC, only with a better OS that’s incredibly hard to use. Apple did the right thing keeping iOS and Mac OS separate. You might say they could change Mac OS to optimize it for touchscreens, but, again, they already did it. With iOS. And, while iOS gets the big headlines and everything, the popularity of the Mac and Mac OS is growing, not declining. Apple isn’t going to mess the Mac up or give up Mac OS. It’s still successful, and it’s not even 10 years since it really took off for the second time. And it’s becoming more and more popular the way it is – mouse, trackpad, keyboard, screen. Nothing more, nothing less.

  4. Cold Water

    I think I want the full-on Bamboo Touch, but this definitely merits a visit to my neighborhood Apple Store.

    If it also works with Windows 7, all the better.

  5. Paul Martin

    I wonder if this a ‘dip the toe in the water’ level of development into the digital drawing pads like the Bamboo’s as well. I LOVE my MacBookPro touch pad options