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Apple’s New Battery Charger

Mixed in amongst all of the other Apple product updates this morning was an unassuming little battery charger. At a cost of $29 and including six reusable AA batteries, this little white charger offers you the chance to power all of your wireless desktop accessories with a clean conscience knowing that you’re doing your part to help the environment.

According to Apple (s aapl), the charger sets a new industry standard for lowering standby power usage by sensing when its batteries have achieved a full charge and then automatically reducing its power consumption. Each charger comes with six high-performance AA NiMH batteries with an estimated lifespan of up to 10 years per battery. With six batteries,  you should be able to power your wireless keyboard, new Magic Trackpad, and still have two replacements left at full charge. It’s worth noting, though, that the first generation of the aluminum wireless keyboard actually requires three AA batteries.

Apple’s sales pitch offers us the chance to “..finally break the cycle of buying and disposing of those toxic, single-use alkaline batteries.” This is undoubtedly the natural continuation of Apple’s ongoing effort to improve its image as an environmentally responsible company. Energy efficiency has been one of the company’s primary avenues for reducing the impact its products have on the environment.

While scoring relatively well in the most recent Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics for efforts to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in its products, Apple still took some knocks for waste and energy. Whenever it builds a product with an internal battery, Apple goes to great length to ensure it’s the most efficient it possibly can be in the space available. I suppose it’s only natural, then, that it has now extended that design philosophy to batteries that are removable as well.

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  1. Environment friendly. Now you can tell so much that Apple DOES really care about the environment. Have you heard? You get 6 NiMH AA Batteries and they last up to 10 years – Incredible for a battery charger! I am buying this great battery charger as soon as it gets stocked up in stores!

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  2. Gweedo

    Please don’t refer to Greenpeace as some sort of arbiter of ecological correctness.

    Remember this is the organization that will spend $50 in gas and other expenses sending you bleeched fancy brochures begging for more money if you give them a $10 donation.

    But more importantly, greenpeace is a shakedown racket. They are an extortion scheme whereby they threaten to libel a company by printing fraudulent bad “reports” about them, unless the company gives greenpeace a “donation”.

    They get away with it because suing them for libel would be a lot of bad PR because clueless dupes like yourself spread the myth that greenpeace is anything other than the evil thugs they are.

    • Without doubt you can proof your strong statements, can’t you?

      Greenpeace does not accept donations from corporations. Greenpeace claims sticking to this standard for all their (over 30) national or regional offices world-wide – and is publishing its finances transparently. An Example: The budget of Greenpeace Germany, being the biggest contributor to the global Greenpeace budget, is about 40 million Euros annually (which sounds much, but is less than election campaign budgets). More than 90 percent of the budget comes from donations and member contributions, other less than 10 percent are inheritances, earnings from a publishing outlet (which sells Greenpeace Magazine and some merchandising), interests and sometimes fines courts force assign to be paid to Greenpeace. Of all the donations more than 30 million Euro come from donations under 100 Euro.

      Don’t believe it? It’s not only published on but audited by KPMG, one of the major auditors.

      Just check the facts …

  3. Lord of Engineering

    Cupertino Engineering it Top Shelf. There is none better on the planet. A simple batt charger becomes 10 times more efficient with proper engineering. Folks it don’t get bettah than this.

    APple YoU RoCK !

  4. Adam Jackson

    I think this is awesome. I’m skeptical on Apple’s energy use claims but think this is great since I’ve long been bummed by their use of AAs in their mouse and keyboard offerings.

    $29 is a great deal for 6 rechargeable batteries and power adapter cause it’s just enough to power my bluetooth keyboard and mouse.