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360i: Only 12 Percent Of Consumers’ Tweets Mention Brands

Marketers still don’t get Twitter, a report from interactive shop 360i shows. Not only are advertisers hardly being mentioned by Twitter users, but the categories of those brands who do prompt discussions on the microblogging service are fairly limited to social nets, entertainment and technology companies.

The 360i report is much more doubtful of how Twitter has been received as a marketing tool compared to a study done last summer by researchers at Penn State

3 Responses to “360i: Only 12 Percent Of Consumers’ Tweets Mention Brands”

  1. Don’t make it sound like people aren’t tweeting about brands.

    In fact, 12% of 65 million tweets means there are 7.8 million tweets about brands DAILY.

    Try this thought experiment. Estimate how many people tweeted those 7.8 million messages, and multiply that number by the average follower count (20-40). That number you end up is an audience size. It’s the number of free impressions earned every day by brands.

    That’s millions of free word-of-mouth impressions every day for brands. Millions of recommendations, stories, mentions, and criticisms — all being exchanged in a digital environment, where people can follow up immediately with a search or a purchase.

  2. Hm. What works better (and I really don’t know!): A) mentioning a benefit or story that interests me, I click on the link and get a positive brand experience; B) mentioning a brand that I might not know yet, but connect it with a positive message.

    Does 360i measure conversion of branded vs. non-branded tweets?