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In China, Baidu Fights Google for Control of Android’s Search

Baidu (s bidu), China’s largest search engine, is working with handset makers to become the default search box on Google Android phones for the Chinese market. Robin Li, Baidu’s founder and CEO, wants “a search box very prominently on the phone’s screen,” says the WSJ. Li’s initiative could be met with a simple Baidu search widget, but a far bigger coup would be if Baidu replaced Google (s goog) as the default search engine when an Android phone user presses the dedicated search button on the handset.

Such a move would help Baidu steal away the brand identity and ad revenues from Google’s own mobile platform. Currently, Google doesn’t charge handset makers any licensing fees to use the Android operating system, so Google earns money from the mobile advertising revenues through web searches. Google also shares such revenues with the handset makers, so from a certain point-of-view, Android phone makers like HTC, Motorola (s mot) and Samsung are paid to build Android smartphones. As a result, Baidu may need to offer a similar deal to entice  a switch from Google to Baidu for the default search engine on future Android phones.

Although Baidu isn’t a household name far beyond China, it is the most popular search engine within the country. According to last week’s data from StatCounter, a web-tracking service, Baidu was used for 62.31 percent of all searches in China, or nearly twice that of Google’s 35.84 percent. Other estimates have Baidu’s search share nearing three-quarters of all searches in China. Due to China’s large population, currently estimated at more than 1.3 billion people, Baidu’s 4.6 percent global search market share already rivals that of Microsoft’s (s msft) 4.8 percent. And just under two-thirds of the Chinese have a cell phone, so Baidu wants to continue its search dominance as more Chinese consumers join the mobile web.

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15 Responses to “In China, Baidu Fights Google for Control of Android’s Search”

  1. The anti-Google troll in this thread is pretty sad. Someone should put him out of his misery.

    I’m no Google fanboy (though I do use several of their products, I think being a “fan” of an impersonal corporation is stupid), but I definitely prefer them to state-censored sites like Baidu.

  2. Interpol

    Goolge executives will be subject to jail time after their Google Maps fiasco with embedded code to steal data from unsuspecting homes and businesses throughout the world. Schmitty and the two founder should be behind bars for several years since they authorized the nefarious code.

    Do you really want Google serving up “doctored” results to satisfy USA strategic initiatives ?
    China cannot afford the risk. I say remove google search from Android and also do a thorough code review of the Android OS as well.

    Baidu search is more than adequate for our Chinese brothers at this time.

  3. All android phones are U.S. government spy devices !

    Uber secret code buried and obfuscated deep inside the Android OS is used to analyze all voice and data and report back to the mother ship located in the bowels of the NSA.

    This ain’t no spy hoax this is real world baby. The Google has its tentacles everywhere. They know more about you than yourself. Very scary stuff. Be Afraid. Very Afraid.

    China make very wise decision to ban Google Search from Communist peoples. Everyone in the mainland already knows that Google is puppet of the Pentagon and absolutely cannot be trusted.

    Google Search results are optimized to reflect the needs of Pentagon strategists who will guide the thought process of the Android clan.

    Baidu Search FTW !

  4. The biggest threat to the people of the United States is the government itself. Having Google’s tentacles in every crevice of public and government is extremely dangerous. Because The Google is strategically aligned with the Pentagon. The Google even has its own offices deep inside the PentaStar Office Building and at NSA (Ft. Meade) and CIA (Langley) headquarters.

    If I was Red China I would most definitely be limiting (if not Eliminating Google presence on the Mainland.
    It is the smart thing todo.

  5. Google just gained top security clearance for its cloud computing solutions from the Obama administration. IN BED would be a massive understatement. Google and Obama are ONE !

    Having been granted this prized government security clearance The Google is now poised to take over large swaths of the governments computing operations in the U.S.

    As exhibit #1 they will soon be taking over the email operations of the city of los angeles and its POLICE FORCE ! (Previously they used Microsoft Exchange).

    This is just the beginning folks.


  6. Richard Garrett

    In bed with Obama administration? ! Give me a break. Even if true, in who’s bed would you rather be – Obama’s or a thoroughly entrenched Communist regime? I won’t and can’t defend Google’s business practices but whatever sins they’ve committed can’t compare to those of any government and in particular the repressive Beijing regime. Ever heard of Nepal?

  7. Truth Be Told

    It is common knowledge among the Baidu investors that China will NEVER allow an outside search engine to dominate. Baidu will become the default on Android because the Chinese government will never allow Google to be the default on Android in China. Wake up. Robin has already been talking behind closed doors to the Chinese government on strategies to make Baiud the default.


    Good move by Baidu !
    I know a lot of people don’t trust Chinese, but I personally don’t trust the Google even more. After illegal worldwide theft of WiFi data they should be convicted of felonious criminal intent in many countries.
    Unfortunately here in the USA it is well known that Google is in bed with Obama Admin so don’t look for anything other than fake slap on wrist.
    I would have no problem if Google Search was eliminated from Chinese phones, probably safer for their country in the long run.
    Who know what “other” private data Google has been mining, stealing, selling and other nefarious uses they committed behind our backs.