Android This Week: Nook; App Inventor; Top Twitter Apps


Barnes & Noble (s bks) released its reader app for Android this week. It is called Nook for Android and part of the bookseller’s rebranding of its eReader line-up of products. With the new Android Nook app, you can read e-books purchased through the B&N online bookstore. Existing apps on other platforms (iPad, BlackBerry, iPhone) are also being renamed to reflect the Nook brand. All of the apps will sync content and bookmarks from the B&N online bookshelf, enabling the ability to use multiple devices (including the Nook electronic reader) for reading e-books. With these changes, Nook finally is on par with Amazon’s (a AMZN) Kindle line-up of apps and devices.

Google (s goog) recently announced the App Inventor, a simple graphical online tool for producing home-brew Android apps. The budding app programmer positions building blocks on the screen and assigns simple programming tasks to them to design Android apps for personal use. Kevin Tofel took App Inventor for a spin and found it to be a good educational tool to ease into programming for the Android platform.

Twitter has become a big part of our digital day. The smartphone  apps are a good way to follow the 140-character ramblings of the Twitterverse. There is no shortage of Twitter apps to choose from, for any platform. The top 5 Twitter apps for Android is a solid look at the cream of the crop, and gives a picture of why these are a good place to start looking for a good way to tweet on an Android phone.

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