YouTube Direct Goes Local With Bay Area News Partnership


Local Bay Area TV station ABC7 has partnered with YouTube (s GOOG) to use its YouTube Direct tools to collect videos from citizen journalists for its local news. The partnership comes as YouTube has expanded its citizen journalism capabilities to make it easier for users to directly submit their videos to news organizations.

The station has launched its ABC7 uReport powered by YouTube page to enable local residents to upload videos of breaking news happening throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Once submitted, those videos will be available to ABC7 news producers, who can then use the videos for their local news broadcast on TV, display them on their uReport page and on their YouTube channel.

Over the past several years, citizen journalists have turned to YouTube to upload videos of newsworthy happenings around the world, whether they be the death of Neda Agha-Soltan during Iran’s election protests or the Oscar Grant police shooting in Oakland. As a result, the video sharing site launched YouTube Direct last November to allow news outlets to accept those videos directly and use them in their newscasts. In the initial launch, YouTube had signed up sites like The Huffington Post, NPR, Politico, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Washington Post for trial initiatives, but the ABC7 initiative will be the largest local news effort of its kind for the program.

YouTube’s partnership with a local news organization in San Francisco was expected after the site began reaching out to local bloggers and videographers last month. The initiative is expected to serve as a showcase for how other local news affiliates around the country could use YouTube Direct tools to capture citizen reports directly.

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waww…. This is good news. YouTube direct goes local with Bay Area News partnership is very promising to make everything goes better. Cant hardly wait to see the effect :D

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