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Chatroulette Threatens Perverts With Police

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Chatroulette has announced that it is going to take steps against the worst offenders on its service, threatening people who expose themselves to minors with the police. Site founder Andrey Ternovskiy said in a message published on the site Friday night that his company has started to collect evidence and has contacted law enforcement officials about the issue. “We’ve captured and saved thousands of IP addresses of alleged offenders, along with logs and screenshots which prove wrong behavior,” he wrote, adding that he hopes that law enforcement will finally help the site to solve this problem.

The post continues:

“We’ve blocked thousands of IP addresses, reported offenders and service seems to be much cleaner than before. That is cool. Now give us some time to put new features in place.”

Ternovskiy didn’t want to reveal how exactly the site has been collecting information when contacted for this article, but said that “there was no intrusion into existing conversations.”

Chatroulette has long been criticized and mocked for the large number of users who expose themselves on the service. In fact, New York-based filmmaker Casey Neistat once described the site as “71% Boys, 15% Girls, 14% Perverts.” However, it doesn’t seem like Ternovskiy is fundamentally opposed to any nudity on Chatroulette. The site introduced topical channels two weeks ago, and adult-themed channels have consistently been some of the most popular channels available. A new warning on the Chatroulette homepage also seems to suggest that the site is specifically targeting users exposing themselves to minors. It reads:

“Broadcasting inappropriate content to minors is a violation of both US and UN law. We are actively cooperating with law enforcement agencies.”

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Photo courtesy of Flickr user Scott Davidson.

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23 Responses to “Chatroulette Threatens Perverts With Police”

  1. I have used the site and when you go on it does not make you agree to their terms or even read them. They need to regulate the site because all I saw when I went on was nude men. They need to make it so you have to subscribe and then if you violate the terms then can come after you because you will then have to give them your personal info and read the terms.

  2. It says u must be over 18 to use the site. So, how can minors go on? and if they do, they violated the terms of service if they are underage. Those offended cannot be legally held responsible since no minors are allowed on the site.

  3. This is actually a bit enraging. In the United States (IF it was EVEN placed in the USA), the Courts would come after the DOMAIN It is THEIR legal responsibility to have sufficient warning as well as a AGREEMENT page before one enters. Children SHOULD NOT BE ON END OF STORY. In a website that is random and unpredictable, it becomes an ADULT website. Their bluff is ridiculous, because in reality the US authorities would be dropping bombs on them for not having a fully sufficient warning and agreement page. UN law? For real? Do they think that the US is really going to extradite a US citizen for a potentially falsified report on the INTERNET? Two pictures / videos side by side isn’t evidence. It can be forged. They need to start making a warning page with adult options to choose from.

  4. This is ridiculous! They should follow the money and make a site for adults only! This is a great new fun form of communication. However, there needs to be an age restriction for separately developed sites! They are just a fade if they choose not to make money off the adults doing adult stuff. There is no shame in what adults do. The SHAME should be on Chatroulette for not regulating or for seeing this to begin with. Don’t threaten me you idiots and simpletons!

  5. It begs the question, however, how well is society really doing on saving children from online predators, when the site’s creator, Andrey Ternovskiy, himself, was underage, when the site was conceived? Although we don’t know if Ternovskiy’s original intentions included sexually-explicit material, we do know, if you give a perv a webcam, well, you can guess the rest…

  6. Fvrfvrfvr

    What I’m wondering is that how will they know those who are “Minors” are actually minors? Most minors will not have their name as the IP address for their home, so basically, if they are going by IP addresses, isn’t everyone an adult?

  7. Probably too little too late. The public image is set for Chatroulette. They should have done this at the very beginning. Now it is like the captain of the Titanic screaming, “Don’t hit another iceberg!”

  8. Clarity7

    Children have no business on Chatroulette. I wouldn’t let my kids stand in a sleezy ghetto alley and let everyone who walks by whisper in their ears, and flash their herpes-infested genitalia at them. Perverts abound on Chatroulette, and it’s because they have unlimited access to unsupervised kids.

  9. jelorenz

    “…threatening people who expose themselves to minors with the police.”
    Um, two questions:
    1. How will Chatroulette threaten them?
    2. What if they expose themselves without the police?

  10. They should let people register themselves with real identities, using same techniques Paypal, ebay does, secret micropayment on a credit card or code by mail. Then let people chat in the “verified” section of the site. They can still have anonymous nicknames, but chatroulette needs to make sure each user is really who they say they are. This way, there can’t be abuse at least on that part of the site.