Online Video Guide Clicker Goes Mobile — And Social


Clicker is adding Clicker Mobile and Clicker Social to the roster of ways the LA startup is trying to meet its mission to be the guide to internet video. Clicker Mobile includes free apps for Android (due today) and iPhone (waiting approval) with guides to videos that actually play on each platform, which could be a boon for anyone who has clicked on unplayable video links. The more ambitious aspect of this expansion wave is Clicker Social, which adds multiple layers of social interaction and a network of third-party sites that will carry customizable Clicker Check-in buttons for status checks.

Some of the pieces of Clicker Social:

— More than 30 partners include PBS, MTV and SnagFilms, are adding Clicker Check-in buttons that users can click on to instantly share what they’re watching with not only their Clicker Social circles but Facebook and Twitter. ThePlatform, Brightcove and Ooyala are integrating the buttons in their players, which would make the option available to the video publishers using their services.

— Hoping to encourage discovery, content creators, including HBO, MTV, PBS, NCAA Vault, Revision3, are creating “awards” users can earn by sharing through Clicker Social. Users can also earn “status” within Clicker that may elevate them to “experts” on particular shows or topics.

— Features include comments, ratings, shared profiles.

— Clicker Social will be accessible through Clicker Mobile.

Taken separately, there’s nothing incredibly revolutionary about the new offerings from Clicker and CEO Jim Lanzone. As a package, though, they come closer to getting users out of their YouTube ruts and offering the kind of opportunity for discovery that content creators and distributors need to move the needle for online and mobile video. Yet to be seen — if this is one of the new social networks that can catch on.

Clicker is backed by Benchmark Capital, Redpoint Ventures, Allen & Company, JAFCO Ventures and *Qualcomm* Investments.

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