Top 5 Twitter Apps for Android

Looking through the many devices I use, it’s obvious one can never have too many Twitter apps. The quest for the Twitter app that has no shortcomings, or the one that has a special feature that others lack is a never-ending one. Android (s goog) may be a young smartphone platform, but there is no shortage of Twitter apps in the Market. I’ve tried many of them, and these are my top 5 Twitter apps for Android, in order of my preference.

Touiteur. No matter how many Twitter apps I try, I seem to always come back to this one with the weird name (pronounced “Twitter” with a French accent, as per the developer). It makes the best use of the small screen of all of the apps on this list, and it runs very quickly. I like how the display can be configured to make all links in tweets display in a different color. That makes them really stand out, and with a lot of tweets on the screen at once that is important to me. €1.99.

Twicca. There are two primary areas of importance for Twitter apps — good use of the screen and a full set of features for dealing with tweets. Twicca excels in both areas. Tapping a tweet pops up a box with more options for dealing with the tweet than many people might need, but it’s nice to have lots of functionality at the tap of a finger. Free.

Seesmic. Seesmic has been around a good while and it is a very good app for bouncing around the Twitterverse. It also makes decent use of the small screen, and packs a lot of features in a tight package. One of the unique features of Seesmic that I like is how it handles Twitter lists. I have a few lists I follow, and while most of these apps do a good job with lists, Seesmic is the only one that lets me see how many lists follow me. I was blown away to see how many lists are following my humble tweets. Free.

Twidroyd. Twidroyd was recently acquired by TweetUp which is making deals to put the app on partner phones. It is still available in the Market, and is a solid performer. Twidroyd looks the most like the genuine Twitter app, and has a solid feature set. The free version is good, and the paid version adds the ability to work in multiple Twitter accounts, and includes three widgets. Free and $3.99.

Twitter. This is the official app by the Twitter folks, and it is a decent app. It runs lightning fast, and handles uploading photos to tweets well along with most Twitter tasks. Twitter for Android integrates well the OS. Free.

Most Twitter apps for Android include one or more widgets for accessing Twitter on the home screen. I don’t recommend doing that, as background Twitter updating can hit the phone battery hard, even when the phone is sitting idle.

These are all fine apps for using Twitter, but they are by all means not the only ones in the Market. If you have a favorite, please share it in the comments. The information we learn from each other is the most valuable as there is no substitute for experience.

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