MAP: U.S. Battery Projects Underway (and Under Water)


Last summer the battery business — from the basic material level on up to the finished pack for hybrid and electric vehicles — was abuzz with the race to win a piece of unprecedented government funds. We put together a map at the time to illustrate what projects were getting funded where, and how a U.S. battery manufacturing industry might take shape.

Well, here we are nearly a year later, and the U.S. battery buildout has kicked into high gear. with stimulus grant and federal loan winners under the gun to meet ambitious timelines tied to their funds and a new generation of battery electric vehicles poised to launch within a matter of months. Some projects, meanwhile, have stalled or died altogether after high-stakes bids for government support failed. So we’ve updated our map with some of the latest developments. Poke around, check out the projects, and let us know about any other projects you’d like to see flagged.

View Battery Buildout in a larger map

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