Video Captures Arizona Cop’s Frustration With Immigration Law


Today, a federal court is hearing challenges by the ACLU and the U.S. Department of Justice against Arizona immigration reform law SB 1070, which goes into effect July 29. The bill attracted national attention upon its passing by giving police officers the power to question an individual’s immigration status while in the process of enforcing other laws, construed by some to be a direct attack upon the Latino community. This has lead to protests and boycotts and other expressions of outrage.

There hadn’t been much public indication as to how actual police officers felt, though, until Phoenix, AZ-based Officer Paul Dobson did a Skype interview two months ago with Brave New Foundation’s Cuéntame project about how the new law made him feel. The answer? Like “a Nazi.”

Screenshot from Paul Dobson interview with Cuentame (click through to watch).

“I am definitively against SB1070 and all similar legislation. The legislation is rooted in hatred and anger towards Latinos. Any police officer should be against SB1070,” Dobson says in the video, which was posted on Facebook.

Cuéntame, which translates to “Tell Me,” has been collecting interviews with noted liberals like Martin Sheen and Hector Elizondo about the bill. Dobson wasn’t just the only police officer to respond to public requests for interview subjects, but the only Arizona resident to respond.

According to the Arizona Register, Dobson will likely receive “a written reprimand or minor form of discipline for granting the online interview without supervisor approval.” Though a final decision on the matter has yet to be reached, Dobson’s punishment could be a lot worse — especially in today’s world, where a reporter can get fired for one Tweet.

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Robert L. Crocker

Arizona law simple echos current federal statutes that are not being enforced by the federal government.

If one is opposed to the Arizona law then one should write the applicable congressional reps and ask them to repeal those statutes.

Mr. O is in a position to do that but, instead, he files a suit via DOJ. Doesn’t make any sense.

They are like a bunch of kids playing in the sandbox but noone can figure out where the sand is.

Scott Jensen

One cop? One cop in all of Arizona? laugh I can probably find one that believes the Earth is flat too.

As for what will happen to the cop, that depends on what rules his police department has about its officers publicly identifying themselves as police officer and making statements to the press without authorization from a superior and/or their public relations department.


Your link mentions two officers in AZ, so saying “a number of senior law officials” is misleading. Yes, 2 is a number, but… And what does it mean that two law enforcement officers oppose SB1070? They are not the citizens. And since the crime rate in AZ is out of control, maybe you might want to look a little deeper into why these peace officers oppose a bill that passed because of there’s a lack of peace. The only reason why SB1070 is an issue in the first place is because the illegal immigrants and Latino communities around the country are being influenced and fueled by the White House. And now our POTUS is suing the citizens of AZ over a new law enforcing the federal laws. The language of the bill will probably be reworded and the law will probably go into effect. And someone will find a way to get it in the Federal Supreme Court. The most important point in all of this is that you, the citizen, may no longer have some rights to defend your land.

This immigration issue is far more complex than most people think. You can’t deport everyone who is here illegally. Many have been established here for decades and have US-born children– Many of which are of voting age. You can’t just yank people from their homes and send them to another country where there’s a gov’t that doesn’t want them. But passing an amnesty won’t solve the problem either because it will corrupt our entire immigration system, the country will be inundated with illegal crossings, and the way the economy is already it will probably bankrupt the country– Certainly if Gov’t passes a single payer healthcare. This is not a fence problem. It’s a political problem. Meaning it;s the Politicians and the people’s complacency. Most Americans ignored it for decades. IN 2006, Republicans ran on immigration but everyone knew it was all smoke and mirrors. And our inability to solve the problem only invites more of the problem.

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