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Skype iPhone App Updated, Supports Multitasking, Scraps 3G Service Charge

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Skype has updated its iPhone application, making it compatible with iOS 4.

The free communication app, which was originally released back in March of 2009, can now be run in the background thanks to iOS 4 multitasking capabilities. The 2.0.1 update means that not only can calls be made over 3G, but you can also receive Skype calls and instant messages while running any other application.

The application will continue to work and deliver calls even when your device is locked. Skype also detailed that, when in a call, a user can switch out to any other application and the call will continue. Of course, these multitasking changes will only work on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS.

Skype also went on to reveal that plans to start charging for 3G calling on the iPhone have now been scrapped. The company originally intended to charge for the functionality in 2011, but due to “some operators starting to move to tiered pricing models,” Skype said these plans are no more.

If you haven’t already, why not download the free 7.8MB application and give someone a call to tell them the good news. It’s good to talk.

14 Responses to “Skype iPhone App Updated, Supports Multitasking, Scraps 3G Service Charge”

  1. Michael

    Good decision to make Skype still free wen it comes to calling someone over a Wifi connection. I didn’t like what i heard at first but now i’m fine with it! Besides there are a lot of hotspots which are free legally, so this is a great solution when your provider drops.

  2. SteveK

    Now if only AT&T would allow iPhone users to forgo a voice plan and go data only (I know, not a chance they would ever give up that revenue), how about paying a $5- monthly fee to go data only, I’m in……

    One can dream…….

    • Interesting … in the UK, 3 is already offering exactly that: £5 / month for data-only (you pay an extra £0.20 per text, or £0.55 / minute if you do make voice calls. Incoming voice calls and incoming SMS are free).

      USA really needs more competition from network operators…

  3. mindctrl

    The reason Skype is scrapping charges for 3G calls is probably rooted in deals being made with carriers reverting to tiered data plans. Encourage users to suck up more bandwidth, the carrier charges more to the user for data, and Skype gets a cut.

  4. akismet-301609a2ac5c913b4aa025d0ac9925a3

    “Of course, these multitasking changes will only work on the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS.”

    Works fine on my 3rd gen iPod Touch…

  5. thanks. will try this out, and if it works, will extend the life of the $10/year i pay skype for calling me on the mobile when someone calls me on skype while i am offline.

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  7. got2trythis

    It seems like it does not work on Jailbroken phones. It forces close when it detect a jailbroken phone. Why in the hell would they do something like this.

    • Really? The previous version just said that it doesn’t offer support for users of jailbroken devices, which makes sense. After dismissing the notification users could still use the app. Anyway, thanks for the warning!