Blockbuster Touts New Release Advantage Over Netflix, Redbox In New TV Ad


Judging from the jump Netflix (NSDQ: NFLX) just reported in subscribers, the fact that the service is no longer carrying new releases from major studios including Universal Studios, Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. (NYSE: TWX) until they have been on sale in stores for 28 days hasn’t bothered customers too much. That isn’t stopping Blockbuster (NYSE: BBI) from harping that it does have some of those titles for rent on the same day they’re released. It’s now broadcasting that advantage over Netflix (and Redbox too) in a TV ad.

BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield, who posted about the commercial this afternoon, calls it the “best Blockbuster ad in years.”

Greenfield, however, doesn’t think it will work because some of the studios are letting Blockbuster, Redbox and Netflix rent their DVDs at the same time.

“While we applaud the aforementioned marketing efforts, we find it hard to believe that the message will really hit home for consumers if they can find blockbusters like Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story 3 available simultaneously at Blockbuster, Netflix and Redbox, but can only find titles such as Despicable Me, Inception and A-Team at Blockbuster for 28 days before they show up at Redbox and Netflix,” he writes.

The ad:



I think Blockbuster is being shopped around. Once they get concessions from their rental agreements I think we will hear some big news. The name alone is worth a billion dollars to a company like Microsoft. They can use the stores as an immediate outlet for their goods and have a steady stream of customers. Just a theory…

Charles Harper

This is reactionary and in this environment, that is typically not a good sign. Somebody is going to have to do something to innovate the space. Until then, we are talking about horse trading of spaces to get downloadable content. I don’t know this for certain, but I would have to believe that people are moving toward wanting to see their own content and that of their friends even in entertainment.



I liked the Commercial and seeing how this is the first one, something tells me netflix and redbox better not say consumers don’t care. They might very well care, once that Blockbuster lets them know, hey that is not a New Release, we had that for a month.

to blockbusterfan-If you look at the Commercial it shows their most recent 28 day product. Something tells me they will change the movies out every few weeks. We will have to wait and see. Either way I have been hearing about this place going out of business next year for the last 9 years and they still are around. Doing Online, Kiosk,On Demand, Stores, and I don’t how many people know but last time I was looking for a movie they did not have in the store, they shipped it to me in 2 days and I got to keep for 10. No subscription needed.

Well good luck to the Blue Giant that everyone loves to hate. The stock is cheap I might go by a few dollars worth.


Hey, nice choice of titles. You forgot to mention that Blockbuster had titles such as The Blindside, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Clash of the Titans, etc. 28 days before Netflix and Redbox as well. Inception is a good one as well.

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