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Winamp Adds WebM Support

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WebM, Google’s (s GOOG) new royalty-free, open source video codec, launched with a formidable list of partners, but support for the format continues to grow as new partners come on board. The latest to join is Winamp, which has added support for WebM in the newest version of its media player.

Google announced the WebM Project in May to provide an open, high-quality encoding format for displaying HTML video in a browser without the need for a plugin. It was positioned as an alternative to the H.264 video codec, which is controlled by the MPEG LA licensing body. Due to licensing and patent issues, Firefox, Opera and other companies refused to support H.264 as a way to provide HTML5 video playback.

Since then, WebM has gotten support not just from browser vendors, but also from personal encoders and video players. Since launch, WebM support has been added to the VLC media player, Miro Video Converter and FFmpeg multimedia tools.

The WebM Project launched with support from a group of 40 other vendors, including hardware makers such as AMD, Broadcom and NVIDIA, software companies such as Adobe Flash, Skype and Sorenson Media and video platforms and cloud encoding vendors such as Brightcove, Kaltura, and HD Cloud.

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