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Diablo Cody Interviews Celebs in the Red Band Trailer

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Some people who work in television, like Neil Patrick Harris, use their hiatuses between seasons to go on road trips and film a supporting role in the Smurfs movie. Writer Diablo Cody is using her hiatus from the Showtime series United States of Tara to interview her famous friends.

Cody’s new web series, punningly titled Red Band Trailer, features the Oscar-winning former stripper sitting inside a Gulf Airstream trailer (that’s why I said “punningly”) and engaging with The OC‘s Adam Brody, Chelsea Handler and (later this week) Jason Bateman.

The first two Red Band episodes have solid graphics (including self-depricating title cards for Cody) and good overall production value, including decent editing, sound and cinematography. However, and this is to the show’s credit, things aren’t too polished, keeping the feel intimate and genuine as opposed to over-produced.

My only major critique would be that coming in at ten minutes a pop, each episode tends to drag in the middle — the back and forth conversational style only works for so long, and the length in general could be shorter.

Cody as an interviewer isn’t too shabby, though in no way shape or form does she appear to be taking things seriously. There are plenty of great examples of her deadpan wit in the first two episodes, though they do distract somewhat from the actual interview — the ultimate result being that you come away learning more about Cody than you do about her interview subjects.

This is more true, though, in the Brody episode than the Handler episode. “I’m pretty excited about myself,” Handler admits at one point, “But I can also see why people would find me incredibly annoying.” Also, in the Handler episode Cody spends a lot less time complaining about her weight than she does in the Brody episode. (She’s pregnant, which — gasp! — does tend to pack on the pounds). And both end with Cody molesting a Robert Pattison stuffed doll-man.

Based on that, Red Band Trailer has definite promise — though I’m not planning on getting too attached. After all, in a few months Cody will be dealing with a baby and a TV show. Summer hiatus doesn’t last forever.

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