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Create Freshbooks Invoices in Salesforce

Online invoicing service FreshBooks today announced a new integration with Salesforce, enabling Salesforce users to automatically bill through FreshBooks without leaving the Saleforce interface.

This new integration is possible through the use of a third-party app,  DataSynch OnDemand for FreshBooks & Salesforce. Made by Pervasive Software, it’s available in the Saleforce AppExchange and costs $19.95 per user per month.

The app synchronizes data between FreshBooks and Salesforce, providing the ability to:

  • Insert Salesforce accounts into FreshBooks as clients and vice versa
  • Use Salesforce to generate estimates and invoices in FreshBooks and vice versa
  • Automatically create FreshBooks invoices/estimates when an opportunity is marked as “closed-won” in Salesforce

This Salesforce integration adds to a very long list of applications now integrated with FreshBooks. The company seemingly wants to integrate its product with as many other apps as it can; indeed, it was one of the founding members of the Small Business Web initiative, which seeks to build closer ties between its members’ apps. It’s a smart policy to have, because users are increasingly faced with a “patchwork quilt” of web apps (GigaOM Pro link, sub. req.) that focus on very specific tasks. Using such a varied number of tools can prove cumbersome and result in “data silos” if vendors don’t provide easy-to-use integrations via the use of APIs, so the efforts of FreshBooks should be applauded. It’s just a shame this particular integration (a much-requested feature) is only available though the use of an app that requires paying a significant monthly fee.

What integrations between apps would you like to see?

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