Playboy Launches SFW Site TheSmokingJacket


As speculation swirls around Playboy (NYSE: PLA) founder Hugh Hefner’s bid to take to the company private — and the counteroffers — the safe-for-work site,, is now live. Jimmy Jellinek, Playboy’s chief content officer, heralded the release of the non-nude site by offering this statement: “Cube dwellers and office drones alike shall rejoice at this fun, sexy, satirical antidote to the drudgery of the work day.”

Of course, readers of — where Jellinek was formerly editor — and other “lad mags,” have long had that, ah, “antidote.” And, just as importantly for Playboy, they’ve also had the advertisers.

In an interview with the AP, Jellinek, who also serves as editorial director of Playboy magazine and its website, says that’s audience mostly logs on after work. And despite claiming a respectable 6 million monthly uniques, Playboy felt it should make more of an effort to reach their male audience during the day, when they’re most likely to be online. will offer a range of content throughout the day in categories that include Girls, Entertainment, Sex, Videos and Lifestyle. The site will also put a premium on humor well as non-nude photos from Playboy

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