Forbes Editor Baldwin Steps Down

The latest management change at Forbes: William Baldwin, Forbes‘ editor since 1999, is stepping down to become a writer at the magazine effective Sept. 1. Baldwin’s departure comes two months after Forbes purchased freelance journalism site TrueSlant and put founder Lewis Dvorkin in charge of all editorial areas as chief product officer. In a note sent to staff members, Baldwin says he has “high expectations for the new face Lew will put on both the magazine and the Web site.” A Forbes representative tells us the company will also “be looking inside and outside the company to find the most talented person to move into the Editor’s role.” The full note follows.

From: “Baldwin, William”
Conversation: A new job
Subject: A new job

After 11 years editing the magazine I am moving to a new position at Forbes, as a writer, with the title investment strategies editor. I’ll be writing a monthly column, blog commentary and the occasional feature. The subject matter will be very close to what you’ve seen in my Sidelines column in the past year. This change takes effect Sept. 1.

The last several years have been extremely difficult ones for business journalism. We have survived, thanks to your long hours, and we are equipped to make the Forbes brand prosper in a different, more digitally oriented landscape. I have high expectations for the new face Lew will put on both the magazine and the Web site, beginning with the Rich List.

Thank you for your loyalty and dedication. Thank you for teaching me a lot, for putting up with my demands, for being great comrades. You don’t have to say goodbye, because I won’t be leaving the building. The difference is that I will go back to doing what I started out doing when I came to Forbes a long time ago: content creation.