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jkOnTheRun Video: Droid X, a Top Performer

The Droid X on Verizon (s vz) may be the best Android phone on the market. The big-screeneddevice, encased in a thin and light form with great hardware components, does not fall short in any area. Motorola (s mot) has done a great job with the hardware, and with the updated Motoblur widgets that do not get in your face while using the phone. The camera on the Droid X is very good, and the panoramic landscape utility is innovative.

In this video you get a tour around the phone from every angle, and a good look at the responsiveness the hardware provides. There is also a speed comparison with the HTC EVO 4G.

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33 Responses to “jkOnTheRun Video: Droid X, a Top Performer”

  1. Thank $DEITY I’m not in the US and have access to a phone market where carriers (mostly) compete on service, rather than who’s locked in what handset. (Yes, there are occasional exceptions; the government-linked telco having the exclusive iPhone contract for the first two years was evil; but then that’s SOP here).

    I’ve heard good and bad things about the Droid X. I’ve heard good and bad things about the iPhone 4. The reason I’m going to buy an iPhone 4 rather than a Droid X, after watching this and a few other videos, is simple:

    Apple gives a consistent, well-thought out user experience. Motorola and Google don’t even come close.

    There’s just way too much fiddling going on in all the Droid videos I see. Also, as here, many videos show what are obviously surprising goofs. For example, when this presenter tries to pinch to zoom in the photo gallery and it doesn’t work, he’s clearly surprised by the difference between what he expects and what he can make work with repeated attempts.

    Also, as the link provided by @drrjv makes clear, there’s a lot of “well, this should be different, but we’ll just ignore it for now” with Droid X. There’s been a lot of that on iPhone too, to be fair, but each model sharply reduces the compromises made by its predecessor (even if introducing some potential new gotchas like Antennagate).

    So all this was floating around in the back of my mind, and then I remembered one other important detail: I’m a current owner of a Motorola RAZR2 V9 phone. While it hasn’t been the most unpleasant phone experience I’ve ever had (that dishonour is firmly in the grasp of the Samsung Omnia 2 with broken Windows imMobile), like Hertz, it tries harder. I don’t personally know anybody who has a Droid (of any vintage); I haven’t seen any model of Motorola phone being used by people around me in nearly two years. On the other hand, iPhones (which haven’t been available here as long as in the States) fly off the shelves; you see them being used and enthused about by everyone from teenagers to grandmothers.

    I think it says a lot about something that Apple can credibly be viewed as the “safe” choice, and the Droid as more risky than I really want to deal with.

  2. worldbfree4me

    Hey JK, why not use the universal player YouTube, so iPhone users and other flashless users like me can see the video in the palm of our hands. I’m just saying

  3. Daniel

    I broke my AT&T iPhone 3GS contract last week and switched to a Droid X on Verizon.

    I have been pretty blown away with this phone and Android. Android has a little higher learning curve than iOS simply because you have so many options! I love being able to control things like window animations, whether the swipe unlock should be present, being able to place icons exactly where I want them, having widgets, etc.

    The Droid X is pretty amazing hardware. The screen is amazing and the dpi, while not as good as the iPhone 4’s is much higher than the 3GS and is, in my opinion, well-matched to the screen’s large display. Reading news on it is fantastic.

    Probably the single biggest thing I love about Android is how they do notifications. Needs to be seen and used to be fully appreciated.

    Can’t wait for 2.2 in a month and 3.0 later this year! 2.1 is already better than iOS 4 though in my experience using both. iOS 4 may be easier to use but that is because it is so BORING!

    Having said this though, I’m probably going to upgrade to a new phone in 6-9 months again. LTE, 1280×720 resolution, dual-core cell phone processors supposedly coming, stuff is moving so fast! I love it!

    • Daniel

      One other thing, Verizon is great! I downloaded a 22MB podcast in under 2 minutes on the road to work yesterday. My iPhone won’t even try that, says I need a wifi connection. But in general, at least where I live (minnesota), the network is much faster than AT&T.

  4. Justin Messinwitu

    This is not a ginormous iPhone.
    Why would I want this if it is not an iPhone ?
    Can I download 250,000 Apps to it ?
    Does it have the WiFis ?
    What about the GBs? I need a lot of Gee Bees.
    Unless you cannot afford the luxury of an iPhone4 then what is the point of this phone ?
    I don’t care. It not an iPhone. And where is the white one ?

    • Fone Geek

      Don’t forget most Android apps are unstable and have the consistency of a subway sandwich. The phone itself requires updates every 3 days just to keep it from crashing. Also most Android apps are NOT portable across all Android OS version and even less portable across the Hardware platforms.
      Can you say FRAGMENTE*D ?

      Voice calling on Android sux compared to FaceTime. On 3G it is even worse.Choppy Chop Chop.

      • Not to be rude, but you are entirely off the mark. I have had an EVO since day one. I have never had the issues you claim plague all Android phones. Also, this comment is incomprehensible “Voice calling on Android sux compared to FaceTime. On 3G it is even worse.Choppy Chop Chop.” I assume you are comparing facetime to VIDEO calling via fring or qik, but that is a guess. If that is what you meant, you are neglecting to mention that Apple can only do video chat over wifi while the EVO has Qik for video calls via 3G or 4G. I assume that this is just ifanboy bashing. Such a waste of time….

      • Daniel

        Most of this post are made-up lies.

        I have not had any problem with stability of Android apps and I have downloaded around 60 in my new-device-infatuation-frenzy stage.

        I have yet to have had any sort of OS update either. Although when the 2.2 update lands I will be quite happy!

        There is no front-facing camera on this phone, so if video conferencing is really important to you I’d get an iPhone 4 or an EVO or wait.

        Verizon 3G is markedly better than AT&T 3G. It’s amazing how much more useful the phone becomes when the data network is fast and reliable. I often just leave wifi off because I find Verizon’s 3G often better than the local coffee shop’s wifi.

    • Daniel

      I used the free doubleTwist app on my Mac and the free doubleTwist player on my Mac for music. I had no problem syncing my 20GB+ audio collection and the player is nice. What didn’t you like about sync?

      As far as for podcasts, I use Doggcatcher to play podcasts so far, which also works great. I paid for it though (was like $7 or something) but there are free podcast playing devices as well.

      For audio books I use Audible which has a great free Android app (it’s in beta though, so you need to download it from Audible directly, but that is easy).

      My one gripe is that there is no Netflix Android app yet but I’m sure one is coming.

      Once 2.2 comes out and you get support for Flash, then there will be no contest between iOS and Android for video playback. Right now (on 2.1) I’d say it is pretty close.

    • By default it is a Battery Whore like the EVO unless you turn off half the “features” of the phone like JK does. With all the fancy stuff off the Android looks even more crappy than usual imo.

      I guess the X stands for eXtra batteries you will need to carry with if you want to use all its features.

  5. Could we get a discussion between James Kendrick who in a head to head review on the 11th picked the Evo and James Kendrick who in this review seems to be leaning towards the Droid X?

    Have you changed your mind or do the previous comments still apply?

    • ProfessionalGun

      AGREED. I stopped the video after 45 seconds. This is 2010 – if you’re a professional blogger doing video reviews, there’s no excuse for poor framing and horrible presentation skills.

      I feel rude saying that. . . but I’m at a breaking point.

      • ProfessionalGun

        Fair enough, Ashwin. And to James Kirkpatrick – really, my comment was in bad form. There’s no need for me to come into someone else’s house and shit on the rug. I was out of line – possibly showing some end-of-Monday frustration – and I give you my apologies.

    • S Speilberg

      I liked the video. Just stay yourself James no need to taking acting classes and do multiple takes and editing. Just keep it real and you covered the key highlights well.

      I actually wish you would do MORE gadget videos. Pass more of your knowledge on to us less fortunate geeks that don’t get to handle all the good stuff.

  6. I am quite taken with all the features and performance of the Droid X, with 2 concerns:
    1. Is it feasible to wear such a large device in your jeans pocket, for everyday use? How comfortable is it, and how safe for the screen?
    2.Tethering. It appears that with the Incredible one could teather it to a laptop via a USB cable and get internet when WiFi is not available. From what I understand the X is not capable of this, but rather it requires a $20/mo additional cost to use it as a hotspot. That is not very practical for the infrequent user… Any comments?

    • I owned a Droid X for two days and although it is a nice device it was just two big for everyday use. Mind you this is just my opinion. I did play with a Captivate this morning and I really liked the form factor.

    • Daniel

      The Droid X is a little thinner than my previous iPhone 3GS and about the same weight. It’s about 3/4″ taller and maybe around 1/4″ wider.

      Yes, the screen is huge, but you need to remember that the bezel is minimal on this phone and that it is very thin.

      I have no problems with this thing in my pocket but I am also a tall person, so YMMV.

      • Thanks a lot, Daniel. I appreciate the feedback and hope others will chime in on the subject. I find that a lot of the reviews focus on the “sexy” technological features, while neglecting some of the basic form/fit consideration. Does anyone have any other comments on the portability of the X? How about the tethering issue?

    • I recommend PDANet for tethering on Android. The free version supports everything except HTTPS web pages, and approximately $20 version (one time) includes HTTPS.

  7. Well what I think is that droid X is a revolution from motorola in the world of smart-phones.It has advanced configuration and is loaded with features.What do you think which one will be beter: thhis or samsung galaxy S?
    Please do reply

    Waiting for your response

    • I have both the Droid X and Samsung Galaxy S (on short term loan) and I’m already liking the Droid X after just a few hours of using both. Galaxy seems to have a little lag every now and again plus it feels very plasticky. I’m also not a fain of the two touch buttons and one hardware button below the screen – it leads to a very inconsistent experience. Just initial thoughts for now since you asked and I have both. :)