Photo Ad Network Pixazza Raises $12 Million

Pixazza, the Google-backed photo ad network, has raised $12 million in a new funding round. Pixazza’s technology adds ads to photos which pop up when a viewer mouses over them. The ads typically show where users can purchase the objects found in the photo; for instance, somebody who mouses over a picture of a kitchen might see the price of the various fixtures, along with links to buy them. (See examples on the Pixazza site here).

Pixazza says it is delivering its “commerce-enabled photos at a rate of 8 billion image views per year,” which it says is up 60 percent, compared to three months ago. Publishers in its network include, and AccessHollywood.

The company had previously raised $5.75 million a year and a half ago from investors including Google (NSDQ: GOOG) venture arm Google Ventures and Gideon Yu, the former Facebook CFO, who is now at Khosla Ventures. Google Ventures also participated in this round, which was led by Shasta Ventures. Some more details in the release.