Android This Week: Nexus One No More; Home-brew Apps

The Nexus One pushed the Android envelope in a number of ways, but had a short life as a product. Google received its last shipment of the phone this week from HTC, and will sell it until stock is depleted. The Nexus One is the only phone Google has sold directly to consumers, as the company used it to challenge the model of the U.S. carrier subsidy — though that didn’t exactly work out. The fast-moving smartphone space has seen several other handsets released that surpass the Nexus One in capabilities, so even though it is only a few months old it’s not surprising it’s getting junked so quickly.

Google is making it possible for Android phone owners with no programming experience to easily create their own apps using the App Inventor. This uses a simple graphical interface to allow anyone to design an app that does simple tasks in just a few minutes. Users build a screen for the app by putting buttons and other graphical components in the desired spot and then assign functions to the controls.

The HTC EVO 4G and the Motorola¬†Droid X are two of the best Android phones currently available. Both have big screens and lots of power to help owners get things done. I put both phones against one another and found them to be of comparable value. Those looking for a good smartphone won’t be disappointed with either of these phones in hand.


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