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Justin Bieber’s “Baby” Number 1 on YouTube? Beliebe It

You know, I don’t know who would win in a physical fight between Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber (she’s tiny, but scrappy). But in the battle of the view counts, Bieber’s now got the edge.

The video for Bieber’s musical collaboration with rapper Ludacris, Baby, has just passed Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance as the most-watched video of all time on YouTube (s GOOG) (the current listings still show Bieber in second place, but that should update soon according to a YouTube spokesperson). Its views are now at 246.3 million, beating out Bad Romance by about 600,000.

Both videos were uploaded within the last year (Bad Romance in November 2009, Baby in February 2010) and are distributed by Vevo, which is pretty impressive considering it’s taken the third-place video of all time, Charlie Bit My Finger, over three years online to earn 210 million views.

This news is pretty thrilling for Bieber fans (who are apparently seriously called Beliebers), as well as Bieber himself, who humbly Twittered that “what is goin on with the BABY video on youtube is crazy…i started on youtube so the support…well i just need to say thank u.”

He also said some nice things about Lady Gaga’s artistry, which was really generous and sweet of him. But that doesn’t mean, Lady Gaga fans, that you should feel bad about clicking the below a few times and helping your girl catch up.

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