Breaking: Last Nexus One Shipment Hits Google


Google’s (s goog) flagship Android phone, the Nexus One, is nearing its end of life point; the company now says it has received the last shipment from manufacturer HTC. Google will continue selling the Nexus One until supplies are depleted, so those wanting the only phone currently running Android 2.2 better grab one soon. Google’s carrier partners selling the Nexus One will still offer the phone until their stock sells out.

This week we received our last shipment of Nexus One phones. Once we sell these devices, the Nexus One will no longer be available online from Google. Customer support will still be available for current Nexus One customers.

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Tax man

@phone advisor

In what way is the N1 outdated? It is currently the only phone running froyo. It supports the new flash player. There isn’t a faster processor. You can use it as a portable hotspot to share wifi. What’s missing other than marketing success?

Phone Advisor

A most totally outdated phone. It about time they laid this thing to rest. Compared to the iPhone 4 the N1 is an absolute dinosaurasrex. It is too bad that Google never made a dime off of this phone as it never caught on like the Droid phones did hence Google lost money on this terrible phone. Hopefully they learned their lesson and will no be offering an N2. Nice experiment but FAIL :-(


What makes me so sad about this is the thought that there may never again be a proper developers’ phone. All those ROMs have made me stupidly giddy over the last six months.

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