UPDATED: Boxee Box in Stores This November

The Boxee Box will be available for sale as early as late October, according to Boxee’s chief product officer Zach Klein, who showed off the very first mass-produced Boxee Box in a video today (see update below). Boxee initially wanted to bring its set-top box to market by the end of Q2, but had to delay the date of sale last month.

Klein also showed off the new finishing of the box, which has been improved to be more resistant to fingerprints, as well as other design features. Watch the entire video below:

The first Box arrived from the Boxee Factory from Zach Klein on Vimeo.

Boxee CEO Avner Ronen didn’t want to point fingers when the company was forced to delay its date of sale last month, but the delay of NVIDIA’s (s NVDA) Tegra 2 chipset likely played a big role.

Update: A Boxee spokesperson informed us via email that Klein misspoke and that “the Boxee Box will come out in November.  If that changes we will make an official announcement on the blog and with D-Link.”

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