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Consumer Reports Still Not Recommending The iPhone 4

Consumer Reports is not satisfied with Apple’s apology today, which includes providing a free case to any iPhone 4 owners who want one. In a blog post, the publication writes: “We look forward to a long-term fix from Apple (NSDQ: AAPL). As things currently stand, the iPhone 4 is still not one of our Recommended models.”

Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs admitted this morning that he found Consumer Reports non-recommendation embarrassing. In a way, it was the publication’s report that identified the antenna flaws that has been the most damaging evidence over the past couple of weeks.

It said it still cannot recommend the phone because the solution is only temporary and limited in scope. “Apple’s offer of free cases is a good first step. However, Apple has indicated that this is not a long-term solution, it has guaranteed the offer only through September 30th, and has not extended it unequivocally to customers who bought cases from third-party vendors.”