Vevo to Push Multiplatform Delivery With Mobile, TV Apps


In just over seven months, Vevo has grown to become one of the largest video distributors in the US, and the premiere place for users to watch all their favorite music videos. But Vevo doesn’t want to just be the top distributor of music videos on the web; it also wants to power music video discovery on mobile devices and in user’s living rooms.

In a phone interview with NewTeeVee, Vevo CEO Rio Caraeff said the online music video company will soon launch apps for multiple consumer electronics devices. On the mobile side, Caraeff said Vevo has plans to ship an iPhone app within the next few weeks, and is also working on an iPad app and Android apps to be launched later this year.

Vevo also has plans for the TV, and will be taking multiple approaches to reach consumers in their living rooms. The company is already working on an app for Boxee’s media center platform, and is also working with a number of other consumer electronics manufacturers to get onto their connected devices.

Caraeff said Vevo will be on at least one connected living-room platform by the end of the year, whether it’s a game console or a broadband set-top box. Vevo is also talking to pay TV distributors like Comcast (s CMCSA) and Verizon (s VZ) to hook into their cable and VOD distribution.

The multiplatform distribution plans are part of Vevo’s broader strategy of making its music videos accessible in as many places as possible. “The whole reason we built Vevo was to embrace ubiquity for the fan, and to put more content in more places,” Caraeff said.

So Vevo was founded with rights and a philosophy that extends to all screens. Caraeff said that unlike in the past, where rights were bifurcated by platform, Vevo has the ability to connect with any number of devices and distribution outlets, “whether it’s on a game console, a connected set-top box, or partnership with Verizon or Comcast, or a partnership with Sony, Samsung or Vizio.”

In the meantime, Vevo will continue to add web distribution partners. In short time, the company has grown its distribution network to include YouTube (s GOOG), CBS (s CBS) and AOL (s AOL) sites, but it plans to add more outlets — like Yahoo (s YHOO) and MTV (s VIA) — within the next year, Caraeff said.

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