Green Overdrive: How to Give Your Prius A Plug


You might love your Prius (well, not these guys), but you might love it just a little bit more if you could plug it into an outlet and it got 100 MPG. Enter Green Gears, a garage in San Francisco run by Pat Cadam, which for several thousand dollars can convert a second-generation Prius into a plug-in (and much more efficient) hybrid. Want to see how? Watch our latest episode of Green Overdrive — where if it’s green we’ll drive it — and learn more about why and how you can give your car a plug.


Ben Linus

Mo, I’m well aware of utilities’ excess capacity at night, just as I’m aware that plug-in vehicles won’t only be plugged in at night.
And eideard, save the negative characterizations/name-calling (ignorant, Luddite), they just weaken your argument. True, there aren’t enough plug-in vehicles to make a dent in peak capacity right now, but teaching people to make over their hybrids unnecessarily into plug-ins can only bring us closer to that point more quickly by increasing their “rate of growth.”


Wow! The same ignorant comment – twice.

At the current rate of growth, plug-in hybrids aren’t increasing the load on the system as much as, say, Hi-Def TV sets.

But, then, I would expect the average Luddite to still be whining about television as frequently as plug-in hybrids.

Ben Linus

Oh, good! At the height of the summer, as utilities are straining to meet demand, let’s teach people to remake their hybrids into plug-ins! Who’s going to take responsibility when remade plug-ins cause their first blackout to a grid not yet ready for plug-ins?

Ben Linus

Oh, good! At the height of the summer, as utilities are maxing out capacity, let’s teach people to convert their cars to plug-ins! Who’s going to take responsibility when a hybrid remade as a plug-in causes the first blackout?

Mo Kilma

You do realize that utilities have excess capacity at night don’t you?

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