Apple’s Path to the Living Room Runs Through the Cloud


Based on recent patent applications and company acquisitions, it appears that Apple is looking to move its media delivery systems to a cloud-based media storage system, according to a research note by Paul Sweeting at GigaOm Pro (subscription required). This approach could be a key part of helping Apple push into the digital living room market, valued at $53 billion.

Recent comments made by CEO Steve Jobs in reaction to Google TV indicate that Apple’s approach towards innovation in the set-top market is, in his words, to “go back to square one and tear up the set-top box and redesign it from scratch.” Those remarks are in line with reports that Apple is planning to make a major update to its Apple TV product.

By acquiring streaming music service Lala — and then shutting it down, Apple gained software designed to manage cloud-based media storage. In addition, two patents filed in 2008 and 2010 indicate a system for pausing a piece of media on one device and then resuming it from the same pause point on another device, as well as a content tagging system.

If this cloud-based structure is integrated into the iTunes Store for apps and media alike, Apple will find itself with an effective media distribution platform that encompasses streamed, purchased and stored content.

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