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Zynga’s FrontierVille Jumps To Number Three On Its Charts

FrontierVille, the social game that Zynga launched just last month, has jumped to number three on its charts. Zynga tells us the game just passed 20 million users, putting it behind only smash hit FarmVille and Zynga Poker among Zynga titles and ahead of some other big Zynga games, including Treasure Isle and Cafe World. On FrontierVille, players try to build a virtual life for their characters out west and they’re apparently doing quite well for themselves, with 6.3 million people building cabins and 3.3 million building general stores. The hit comes as some other Zynga titles, including FarmVille, have been losing users, although Zynga remains dominant among social game makers.

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  1. jeff haas

    on frontierville on facebook everytime i go on the flashplayer carshes wich dont make sense because my wife goes to frontierville on the same computer and she can get on can anyone help thanks