Nomadesk Gets iPhone App

Nomadesk, a file syncing, sharing and backup service that’s particularly useful for mobile workers, now has an iPhone/iPod touch app. The new app allows users to browse through their documents, share files and folders, upload photos and view Microsoft Office documents. As well as providing access to files while on the go, it includes Theftguard, which can track a computer using Google Maps and remove Nomadesk data remotely.

Despite the protestations on the Nomadesk blog, the company is probably coming a little late to the iPhone party, as many of its competitors have had apps available for some time. However, the Nomadesk app is quite slick and has a comprehensive list of features:

  • Access documents, pictures, music, etc.
  • Share files and folders with a download link
  • Upload pictures (existing ones or direct from the iPhone’s camera) to share and sync
  • View documents, pictures, slideshows
  • Share your Nomadesk fileserver and manage guest permissions
  • Sign up to Nomadesk and create fileservers
  • Track your computer on Google Maps and remotely shred your Nomadesk files with Nomadesk Theftguard.

The Nomadesk app is available as a free download from the App Store and requires a Nomadesk account. You can check out pricing here. A 30-day free trial is available.

Let us know what you think of Nomadesk’s iPhone app in the comments.

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