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Apple to Hold iPhone 4 Press Conference Friday

From Consumer Reports to David Letterman, and USA Today to Time Magazine, people cannot seem to help themselves from commenting on the latest iPhone (s aapl). What started out as a technical issue surrounding reception problems related to the newly redesigned stainless steel antenna system on the iPhone 4, has snowballed into a public relations nightmare threatening Apple’s well-respected brand image. Even Microsoft (s msft) has found a way to make the press pay attention to them a little with it sympathetic “We know how Apple feels right now, we experienced the same thing with Vista.” This is now much more of a PR issue than it is a technical issue. And it looks like Apple has recognized this.

When it comes to perception, timing is everything — early in the week, late in the week, before market close, after market close. Just who do you want to respond to your message, and how? Hosting such an event on Friday at 10 a.m. PST, just two business days prior to releasing its quarterly earnings report, gives everyone, especially the market, time to digest and react to whatever it is that Apple has to say before the weekend. The message that Apple is preparing to deliver is not for the bloggers, the techies, nor the Apple fans — it is for mainstream analysts, and is likely being used to diffuse this issue before announcing amazing quarterly results next week. The last thing Apple wants is for this issue to steal its thunder when it likely has nothing but positive news to report next Tuesday.

21 Responses to “Apple to Hold iPhone 4 Press Conference Friday”

  1. Its about time. I have been waiting for a solution that did not require me to spend my money to fix something that was not even my fault.

    I doubt that they will give us announce a free case as a solution later today but I pretty much know how things are going to happen tomorrow. I read an article at that spoke about it. You should check it out.

  2. Matthew Romero

    Im curious to know if there’s any way to follow this conference? Or do i just have to wait until its over to see your blog about what happened? =]

  3. dcphotoal

    Let me sum up the press conf for you…

    We are apple, we are arrogant, we make subpar hardware but have the public dupped to believe it’s the best out there when the droid line is kicking our ass in sales and fuction…

    You are our stupid customers that must now use duct tape to make that 500 dollar phone work because we knew it was defective but were too greedy to release it working correctly and we know you, the customer, is stupid enough to keep buying our shitty hardware and the shitty service that goes with it.

    Drop the loser tag team of apple and att…Let droid set you free. Moto droid X is better, faster and has no problems letting you hold it anyway you want… Stop being sheep and think instead of being lied too by apple to believe that that iphone is the best…its not even close…

    • Yeah, because a great way to convince people of something is to insult them and say that the only reason they like what they like is because they’re idiots. Did you attend the Mel Gibson School of Debate?

  4. A poster on another site said this:

    SJ will come on and say “This is our best phone ever. Any one of the [insert large number here] people who’ve bought it and are unhappy with it in any way can return it free of charge. We’ll publish how many people do that – because we don’t believe it will be many. Goodnight.”

    That actually sounds believable.

    • Johnny A

      My Apple mole tells me the secret meeting will be at Apple HQ in Cupertino, California. Okay its not a secret anymore.

      They are trying to put a positive spin on this BEFORE their quarterly investor conference call to be held on TUESDAY (very important day).

      I hope they will announce a smaller iPad in the works or “one more thing…”

  5. I really hope that Apple gets their act together on this. Though I’m certainly not holding my breath, these would be nice:

    – Apology/mention of the whole “iOS4 destroys your 3G” thing.
    – Cases to those experiencing problem with iPhone 4
    – Also with regards to the first point, ship out some more 3GS’s; I don’t want the 4 because of this antenna thing, but my 3G needs to be replaced.

    And yeah, I know it’s almost definitely because they’re just looking to clear out old inventory… still though. If the company is going to talk about their dedication to the customer experience, it seems logical that a greater diversity of options would be necessary. Who knows.

  6. Please do ask them about proximity SENSOR cause it is not getting media attention like the Signal problem but media needs to cover this story cause PROXIMITY SENSOR problem is far more bigger problem than the signal issue and Apple doesn’t even want to acknowledge the proximity problem

  7. Hashish Hussein al-Jihadi

    This is great great news. BUMPER CASE FOR EVERYONE !!!

    Not just any bumper case mind you but the Apple precision designed bumper guard which is a work of art in and of itself. Note this is a $29 value that Steve is willing to sacrifice for the love of his customers. A gift this awesome would never happen from a Microsoft, Intel, Cisco or the like, hell those folks would have never even fessed up to their problems in the first place. No this kind of mea culpa could only come from an honorable corporation like the Apple.

    Now everyone please make claim to your very own four as you now have no excuses not to have the best phone on the planet.

    Also don’t forget to save up for the 5″ and 7″ iPad this holiday season. Seasons Greeting from Cupertino and Have a wonderful day !!!


    • What the hell are you talking about. there is no 5 and 7 inch version of the ipad. theres no need for it.

      there also arent any confirmed comments about what will happen at this conference. for all we know, steve is retiring!

      • Ross R

        Uhm – it is an iPhone4 press conference, where they will be talking about the iPhone4. That is confirmed.

        What they will be talking about is not…

        I’ve seen scattered reports that the hardware problem has been fixed, and new iPhones going out already have the fix implemented. I’ve seen some scattered reports of free phone replacements.

        Not sure if this means a recall, or free cases, or even just a store credit to allow people to do what they will – be it a new phone, a case, or whatever.

        It certainly sounds like a recall – especially since the only way they are going to repair the brand at this point is to do that. Saying “you need an ugly bumper case to hide this pure ‘work of art’ phone that you paid mega moolah for to make it work” does not exactly scream “Apple makes quality products” and that is what their entire brand is built around. Indeed I believe the slogan is “it just works” – except…. it doesn’t

    • Bocephus

      My understanding is they indeed are working on a smaller iPad and it will have a totally mind-blowing Organic LED display that will shake the foundation of mobile computing at it core. The only thing bigger than this would be a triple wammy from mother nature (Earthquake + Tsunami + Aftershock). Yeah it gonna be that big, handheld computing will never be the same. Boom.

    • The problem with making the bumper an ‘official’ part of the iPhone 4 design is that it changes the specs for the connector. Older cables, including my griffin car charger, does not work with the iPhone 4 when the bumpers are on. The bumpers are technically a case, and cases are not included when conforming to the made for iPhone compatibility testing. Some docs and connectors work with when certain cases are on, others do not. I have quite a few cables that require me to remove the bumpers in order to connect. Not a big deal to me since I see the bumpers as a case, and I do not expect them to work when the bumpers are on.

    • “Not just any bumper case mind you but the Apple precision designed bumper guard which is a work of art in and of itself. Note this is a $29 value that Steve is willing to sacrifice for the love of his customers.”

      Steve loves sheeple like you. I really hope you are joking with the stuff I quoted. The 30 cent piece of rubber/plastic is a work of art????

      I suspect after reading rumors that orders of current iPhone 4.0 are on hold pending a HARDWARE FIX, that Apple will offer you 3 options.

      A free 30cent work of art for the sheeple that cant be without their precious and see no flaws in it.

      A swap out for a new phone that has the HARDWARE FIX.

      A complete refund for those that see the iPhone for what it is……just a smartphone that will be in the landfill in 2-3 years. So they cant get the Droid X or EVO on a better network.