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Microsoft Courts Mobile Developers With Cash

Here’s one way to boost the number of apps in your app store: Offer developers money to build them. That’s what Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) is doing to get developers interested in Windows Phone ahead of the launch of Windows Phone 7 this October.

Bloomberg talked to Microsoft senior director Todd Brix, and says that Microsoft is offering financial incentives like free tools, test handsets, and funds for software development and marketing to some developers who agree to build apps for Windows Phone. He also says the company is offering developers revenue guarantees.

It’s not clear how many developers Microsoft is offering these incentives to, but Bloomberg says it know of at least four.

Microsoft has already tried to lure developers to Windows Phone 7 by highlighting what it says is an app development process that is faster than that offered by its rivals, but it has quite a ways to go.

A study earlier this month showed that Windows Phone ranked behind Android, iOS, Symbian and Blackberry, when it came to platforms that mobile developers said they were using. That shows in the number of apps that currently exist for Windows Phone, which is much smaller than the number available for Android and iOS.