10 Easy Ways to Enhance Your Facebook Page

Last year, I looked into the way companies are using Enhanced Facebook Pages as a way to beef up the branding and interactivity available with Facebook’s default Page settings. On my company blog, I explored the enhanced Pages of big companies such as Starbucks and The Gap. And I also made a list of ten third-party applications that you could use to enhance Facebook Pages, based on what was available at the time. In that vein, below I’ve identified ten more third-party apps that can be easily plugged into your Facebook Page to offer a little extra functionality and interactivity.

There are more apps available now that don’t require a lot of programming.¬†While most of these apps offer very limited customization, they still provide a degree of enhancement that can help to bring you out of the default Facebook Page rut. Keep in mind that you cannot — or should not — add them all. Facebook limits the number of tabs you can have on your Page, and the Wall and Info tabs are immovable.

Here’s the list:

  1. Constant Contact. This popular email newsletter builder has a ready-made app to add a “Join My List” tab to your Page, complete with a subscription form.
  2. Docs. Share documents with fans, add a Docs profile tab to your Page, even collaborate on docs with other Page administrators for your Page.
  3. Tumblr. You can syndicate your Tumblr posts to your Page’s feed.
  4. Posterous. Because you can post anything to your Posterous using email — photos, video, music, documents or files — you can use the same functionality to post to your Page via Posterous attached to your Page’s feed.
  5. Networked Blogs. With this app, you can promote your blog on Facebook and syndicate your feeds to your profile Wall and Fan Pages.
  6. Signup Form. Use this form to collect data or get fans to sign up for something via your Page.
  7. Easy Schedule. Add your schedule to your Page.
  8. TalkShoe. Create or join live group calls aka Community Calls with Facebook friends. Participants can join via landline, mobile phone, Skype or VoIP. You can record calls and make them into podcasts.
  9. My Etsy. Have an Etsy shop? Add a tab to your Facebook Page.
  10. FanAppz. A suite of Fan Page tools including a Top5 application, where fans can select their five favorite things in your branded content or FanAppz content, polls, quizzes, promotions, coupons and more.

What third-party apps do you use to enhance your Facebook Pages?

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