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I Want an Apple MagicPad

On the eve of this year’s WWDC, a photo showed up on Engadget rumored to be a new Apple (s aapl) product. I wanted so badly for this product to be real. I started drooling, dreaming of a $59 price tag and all of the amazingness this product could do for me as an end user.

The product was a bluetooth Apple trackpad similar to what is built in to every Apple ntoebook, but would essentially replace the Magic Mouse that currently ships with the Mac mini, Mac Pro and iMac. Some people prefer a mouse but I prefer the trackpad and we all know that Apple makes the best trackpads in the world. If you don’t believe me, visit a Best Buy and try using similar trackpads on currently available PCs and you’ll be amazed at how bad they are.

A Bluetooth trackpad that I’ve eloquently dubbed “MagicPad” (Magic Mouse = Trackpad) would be Apple’s next step into a buttonless world that it so desperately is striving for. The Magic Mouse has fewer buttons than the Mighty Mouse and this would be one button as the entire trackpad is, exactly like we are used to on Apple’s notebooks. It’s a more portable form factor than a mouse and gestures would be standard to the ones that already exist for the today’s trackpad.

I hope this device is real and I hope it ships soon because I really would like a choice between mouse and trackpad and think this small peripheral would be a huge hit. Maybe I’m just dreaming and we’ll never see it because it was a two hour Photoshop job submitted to Engadget the evening before the keynote.

Would you buy a MagicPad? Would it replace your Magic Mouse?

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  1. Shawshank Sheeple

    No doubt I would pre-order the MagicPad in a heartbeat. I already own almost every Apple product made since the iPod was introduced. Call me a sucker. I call myself Apple Cool which is much much cooler than the other side of the pillow.

    As for my dream device I would advise Steve to release two(2) additional iPhones ! These would have a carbon fiber wrapping of your color choice and would come in two unique sizes.

    iPhone4 XL – this is the iPhone on Steroids. Think 4.3 inch screen. Think twice the Gee Bees and twice the clock speed. It primary purpose is to compete (aka crush) the 4.3 inch HTC and Motorola superphones (i.e. HD2, EVO, Droid X, Galaxy 5 etc). It will be the top-of-the-line iPhone aimed at super geeks and ultra fashionistas.

    iPhone4 Mini – this is aims strictly at the tweens and younger crowd on the parent leash. It will have a smaller (3″ or less) form factor that comfortable fits in toddlers tiny claws. It will only have basic functions, limited parent-controlled number dialing and internet access timed. It will only have access to the KIDS section of iTunes, App Store and iBookStore. Get’em hooked while their young and they will stay with you a lifetime.

    Also, since the boomers are ageing rapidly there could even be a SENIORS edition which is a combo of the Mini and XL. Think BIG FORM FACTOR, BIG DISPLAY ICONS, EASY TO READ, EASY TO USE, ALZHEIMER AWARE, PHONE HOME HELP, I AM FALLING AND I CAN’T GET UP NOTIFICATION, etc.

    You can do this Apple. Make it so Steve (aka Number One).

  2. alexis

    I want I want I want I want

    and if real

    I will get I will get I will get I will HAVE IT!!!

    I was so disappointed when it was released back then…now it’s time for it to be here

  3. Yes, I would buy it. Yes, it would replace my mouse. The glass trackpad is incredible, and using our older MacBook is a PITA for me now. The Magic Mouse only gets halfway there, I’d love a standalone glass trackpad for the desktop.

  4. Richie

    I’d love one of these too. I always miss the MBP’s trackpad when working on my Mac Pro. Would definitely buy it but I’m having trouble believing this product is real!

  5. I use my trackpad on my Mac laptop all the time and love it for daily computer use. I’m a keyboard shortcut junkie and scrolling is super nice with the trackpad. But I’ve always found that tasks like dragging-and-dropping are easier to do with a mouse. I also find that a mouse is easier to use when designing, unless a tablet is in play that is.

  6. Rutger

    I can’t find it in the Applestore! Where is it?!

    Would buy this without thinking. I’m seriously considering buying a MacBook pro instead of a new mac pro based on available input devices.

  7. The only thing that would replace a Magic Mouse is a Magic Pad that supports pen input, and support for Photoshop. I know that won’t happen, which is why I am not as excited as the rest of you. Who am I kidding, I would still buy it…

  8. I’d buy it in a minute, but not to replace a mouse. If you need to do precision work, a trackpad just does not cut it. However, I’d use it as a second input device, to the left of my keyboard (the mouse is on the right). Its purpose? Scrolling, zooming – basically all 2,3 or 4-finger mouse gestures. I currently use a Wacom Bamboo touch for that – it’s sufficient, but I’d expect the Apple device to be much more useful…

  9. Dennis

    Yes, rumours about that exist since quite some time.
    I would like to see it docked to a bluetooth keyboard. That would be extremely awesome!!!!!!!

  10. I’ve had an iMac for a couple of years and got on prretty well with the mighty mouse (apart from the dodgy scroll ball). I recently got a MacBook air for university and now find I get inredibly frustrated using my mouse having seen how good apple trackpads are so I would definately buy one.

  11. This would be totally sweet and I would use one, but I would much rather use a mouse on a daily basis with a desktop machine. I can’t stand using the pad on my laptop for long periods of time, so why would I with a desktop? I will agree that Apple’s trackpads are leaps and bounds better than anything else.

    PS, the Mini doesn’t come with a mouse. That used to be a selling point, if I remember correctly. ;-)

    • Adam Jackson

      Cole. You’re correct. While at Apple, we said, “BYOKDM” for Bring your own keyboard, display and mouse.” when selling Mac Minis to customers which was in late 2005.

      It was a mistake to include that in the post and thanks for the change.

  12. MacRat

    Since Macs went USB, I’ve been using the Cirgue “Easy Cat” trackpad.

    Before that on ADB Macs, I used the Alps “Glidepoint” trackpad.

    I can’t stand a mouse. Especially all the desk space it takes up.

    • Adam Jackson

      Maybe. If you’re a designer, we’d love to see what you can come up with regarding a trackpad concept.

      I’m only mentioning this as it was brought up as credible on the eve of WWDC and now completely forgotten and it’s still a product I’d love to see the light of day. Do you have more thoughts on this image being discredited for poor photoshopping? Would love to hear it.