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The BlackBerry is a extremely popular smartphone with the messaging crowd. In spite of this popularity, the tired BlackBerry OS is having a hard time competing with the iPhone and Android platform. Research in Motion (s rimm) hopes to change that with the upcoming BlackBerry 6 version of the OS, which is a significant upgrade to the existing platform. RIM is so excited about BlackBerry 6, due later this year, that it has put a video demonstration of its key features to get BlackBerry fans talking.

As shown in the demo, BlackBerry 6 will get a new web browser based on Webkit, the engine used in both the iPhone and on Android. The entire interface has been rendered more attractively while keeping a BlackBerry feel, and everything is optimized for touch control.

The video points out how the new OS will have an updated approach for handling media, a pure consumer move that is welcome. It is interesting to see that BlackBerry 6 will integrate with major social networks like Twitter and Facebook, like the competition, although is almost unsettling to see that great BlackBerry email experience in the video, accompanied by photos of the contacts. It’s like the BlackBerry is all grown up.

If you watch the video closely, you’ll notice that the demo is on a display sized similarly to that of the Storm. That model is currently RIM’s only pure touchscreen phone, so it’s not easy to determine from the demo how BlackBerry 6 might work on handsets with smaller screens and QWERTY keyboards.

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Interesting – I guess imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery. I saw an awful lot of iPhone-esque UI elements in there: the “Enhanced Media Interface” was a CoverFlow look-alike. “Blackberry Messenger” could be renamed either iChat or “iPhone SMS” – either one is shorter to type and looks exactly the same.

Samantha Crunch

Crackberry addicts need to overcome their obsession with keyboard. Until that happens they will never entered the brave new world of mobile computing.

At least they will finally be getting a decent web browser. They have been suffering for so many years with the worst browsing experience in history which has made them the laughing stock of the handset world ridiculed continuously at the local coffee shops.

Blackberry 6 can be summed up as follows:

Baby steps…

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