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Consumer Reports’ Findings Conflict With Apple’s Statement On iPhone 4

Consumer Reports has confirmed in its own tests that there is a problem with the iPhone 4’s reception and thus does not recommend the device. Save yourself the trouble (and $100) and buy the older iPhone 3GS instead. The findings conflict with what Apple said two weeks ago, that it was simply a software problem and a fix will be available soon. In a blog post, the well-respected publication writes: “Our findings call into question the recent claim by Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) that the iPhone 4’s signal-strength issues were largely an optical illusion caused by faulty software.”

Consumer Reports writes that the problem arises “when your finger or hand touches a spot on the phone’s lower left side

7 Responses to “Consumer Reports’ Findings Conflict With Apple’s Statement On iPhone 4”

  1. Relax folks

    Why are people getting so angry. Apple seems to have a virtual army in which all love the apple lifestyle and damn any one pointing out the slightest flaw (ever read “the Wave”). Check out the comments on any page highlighting the Antenna minor hardware fault. People are now even blaming the users. I mean I know Apple is not in to user choice but a phone that you have to hold right to use. Yes sit up straight and enjoy your iphone!

  2. I personally don’t have the Iphone 4 but I have more than a handful of friends who do and in order for this hardware issue to occur you have to hold the phone like a complete and utter retard. Unless you are an idiot like “My Name’ and “techtrader10” the Iphone 4 is a safe bet for you!

  3. techtrader10

    After spending over $400 for the phone, now you have to buy a case for it so it won’t drop calls? Or like someone sugggested, wrapping the antenna in duct tape. I think its time to take the iPhone back and get something that works without the duct tape.

  4. My Name

    @Drunez – You are a complete azzwipe, for the price of the phone and plan one shouldn’t have to hold it a certain way or pay extra for a holder. The “magical” device should just work.

  5. Are people really this friggin retarded? The whole ‘software issue’ that Apple is talking about is the fact that the “correct” antenna signal is not being showed on the phone because of shitty code.

    The problem with the reception being lost because people don’t know how to hold the phone or are too cheap to buy a case is a hardware issue and will not be fixed.