Droid X and HTC EVO 4G Head-to-Head


I love my job. I have the two hottest Android (s goog) phones sitting in front of me. At least they are the hottest phones for a few weeks until the next great Android phone comes along. The two phones are the Motorola (s mot) Droid X and the HTC EVO 4G; in addition to being crammed with features both phones have 4.3-inch screens that look great. I do believe this size screen is the sweet spot for smartphones — any bigger and the phone would be too big to carry around, any smaller and you’d be missing out. The EVO 4G impressed me enough that I bought one of my own, and the Droid X was sent to me by Verizon to test. Let’s put these two superphones head to head in a few categories and see how they stack up.

I should set the stage for this competition by qualifying my situation. I have been using the EVO 4G for almost two months. I liked the phone enough that I bought one with my hard-earned cash. I have stated that there is nothing I don’t like about the EVO, and while some my find that biased in this comparison it is what it is. I intend to approach this comparison from a user’s standpoint. I will not get into the minutia of the technical details, I will instead focus on the areas that affect usability and usefulness.

Form factor

The size and form of a smartphone depends in large part on the size of the display. These two phones have the same screen, but the size is quite different. This is due to the fact that the screen size is measured diagonally but each screen has a different width and length. The Droid X screen is slightly taller and narrower in portrait orientation than the EVO 4G.

The Droid X is slightly narrower as a result, and a bit taller. This makes the Droid X fit better in the hand and feel good. It is also a little lighter than the EVO 4G and that helps too. The EVO is also a tiny bit thicker than the Droid X overall, discounting the camera hump on the Droid. The smooth plastic of the Droid X doesn’t feel as solid as the EVO, but it’s easy to handle. Winner in form factor: Droid X.


As stated, the two phones have similar screens that vary slightly in dimensions. The Droid X is thus a slightly more wide angle screen (in landscape) than the EVO 4G. This makes viewing video nicer than on the EVO. The Droid X screen seems slightly brighter than that on the EVO, although they are very close.

The narrower screen on the Droid X does suffer in one area compared to the EVO — web browsing. The Android browser opens web pages with an overview of the whole web page compressed to fit the entire screen. On the EVO 4G when you open a busy web page, the overview looks good and text is crisp even though very tiny. On the Droid X the text is not quite as crisp in the overview of the same page. It’s not bad, it’s just not quite as crisp on the Droid X. I attribute this to the narrower screen and the “fit to screen width” technology used in the browsers. Winner in display: Tie.

Phone functions

These are both phones first and foremost and while it’s easy to get caught up in the sophisticated functions of them they must be good at making phone calls. Both phones use a customized form of the Android dialer, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. The EVO 4G uses smart dialing where you start tapping in either a phone number or a name and it gives a list of contacts in a window above the dial pad, narrowing the results with each additional tap. It can usually find the right contact with three taps which is useful. If you are simply entering in a phone number it figures that out and makes the returned contact list disappear.

The Droid X uses a tabbed interface in the dialer which is also useful. One tab has all of the contacts in the Favorites list, another a list of recent calls, one a full contact list and the last a full screen dial pad. This system works well, too, it’s a matter of which phone’s method you prefer.

Audio quality on the Droid X is a bit better than that on the EVO 4G, which is not bad. That’s likely due to the two noise canceling microphones on the Droid X that does a good job reducing background noise.

The speakerphone function on the EVO 4G is better than that on the Droid X. The speaker plays much louder on the EVO 4G and is a better quality for audio. When you hang up a call on the EVO 4G, it pops up a dialog box (part of the Sense interface) that asks if you want to add the contact if the call was from an unknown number. Winner in phone functions: Tie.

User interface

The user experience on a smartphone is a combination of the hardware and the user interface (UI) software. The UI plays a big role in establishing how functional a phone can be, along with how enjoyable it is to use every day. Both of these phones ship with Android 2.1, but each handset maker has put its own “special sauce” on top of that to refine the experience.

Motorola has included its new version of the Motoblur interface, and it is greatly improved. The original Motoblur interface was very much “in your face”, with social network updates flying out at you all the time and providing a constant distraction. This version on the Droid X is simply a set of widgets that can be used or not as desired, and they are greatly toned down in both appearance and intrusiveness.

There are system functions like date and time widgets, contact functions that allow you to put any contact on any of the seven home screens and other utilities. Any widget can be moved around at will or deleted if not needed. Motorola has a popup strip at the bottom of the home screen that appears when you swipe left or right to move between the different home screens. This is innovative, but I find it less than useful since it covers up the ability to hit the phone button or the launcher button.

HTC Sense also has seven home screens, but instead of the popup navigation strip you simply hit the Home button twice and get a full screen thumbnail preview of all seven home screens. You simply tap on the one you want and you go there. This is a more efficient way to move around as you can see what’s on each screen before you go there.

Speaking of the Home button, Motorola made the terrible decision to make the Home button the second button from the left, instead of the left-most one. The Home button is hit often in the operation of an Android phone, and it makes no sense to put it anywhere but in the first (left-most) position. I repeatedly hit the Menu button when I want the Home Button on the Droid X, as that is the first button. Unfortunately that often has undesirable results.

The EVO 4G has the same four buttons beneath the screen as the Droid X, which is standard for Android. The EVO has them in the expected order, and that’s a big advantage. The Droid X has real buttons, while those on the EVO are touch sensitive. The more I use the Droid X, the better I like the EVO button as touching them requires the same pressure as touching controls on the screen. I am constantly hitting the Droid X physical buttons too lightly to trigger them, so I have to hit them twice a lot.

These are both Android phones so each handles apps in a similar fashion. Installing apps is the same on both the EVO and the Droid X, and the standard Android launcher is just a tap away on the home screen. I don’t like how the Droid X handles newly installed apps — these appear at the bottom of the launcher screen and stay there until the phone is rebooted. Every Android phone I have used, including the EVO, keeps this list of apps in alphabetical order all the time. I don’t know why Motorola handles installed apps this way.

While the Droid X interface is good, I find HTC Sense on the EVO to be much better. The HTC widgets are better designed, and extend the functionality of the interface a great deal while retaining a high level of customization. HTC Sense looks more polished than the interface on the Droid X. There are those who do not like the Sense interface, so the Droid X may be preferable as it is more like the standard Android interface. Winner in user interface: EVO 4G.


Both phones have 8 MP cameras that shoot still photos and 720p video. Both have auto-focus and LED flash for low light situations. The Droid X video recording and still photo capture is better than that on the EVO 4G. The EVO is not bad in this area, but the Droid X is better.

The Droid X has a special panoramic landscape mode that is quite good. It assists you through the entire process of capturing the landscape, and then stitches the photos comprising the panorama automatically. It is the easiest method I’ve ever seen on any phone. Kevin was impressed with it, too. Winner in camera: Droid X.

Video calling

This will be an easy area to declare the winner, as the EVO 4G has a front-facing camera for video chatting and the Droid X does not. The EVO can make video calls with either the Qik app or the Fring app. Calls can be placed using Wi-Fi connectivity, and also over 3G. Fring calls can be made with other Fring users on any platform (including the iPhone 4), and also to Skype users. This makes for a very large audience that can be called with video on the EVO. Winner in video calling: EVO 4G.

Data connectivity

Both Sprint (s s) and Verizon (s vz) have 3G networks using EVDO, so 3G connectivity is very similar on both phones. Both networks are readily available throughout the U.S., and data speeds are comparable.

The EVO 4G can also tap the Sprint 4G network as its name implies, and while it is not as widespread as the 3G networks it is in many metropolitan areas. The 4G connection on the EVO 4G is outstanding, and using the EVO while connected to the 4G network is great. Winner in data connectivity: EVO 4G.

Mobile hotspot

Both phones have a mobile hotspot capability, that can share 3G connections with other devices over the phone’s Wi-Fi. Once configured the hotspot function can be turned on with a single click, and the 3G connection shared in seconds.

The EVO 4G can also share the 4G connection if available, and this is a clear advantage over the Droid X. The EVO can share either the 3G or 4G connection with up to 8 devices, while the Droid X can share with up to 5. The Sprint mobile hotspot on the EVO costs $29.99 monthly, while the Verizon service on the Droid X is $20. The EVO plan costs more but is unlimited, while the Droid x plan has a 2 GB data cap. Overage fees on Verizon are substantial, so Droid X hotspot users need to be watching data consumption regularly. Winner in mobile hotspot: EVO 4G.

Battery life

Both of these phones have decent battery life, and can easily last all day on a charge. I previously detailed the simple steps I use on every Android phone to conserve battery without compromising on functionality, and I have done that on both the EVO 4G and the Droid X. The battery life is very similar as a result.

I have noticed that the Droid X has a service running in the background called “Battery Manager”. I don’t know what this service does but I suspect it keeps runaway apps from using too much of the battery. Winner in battery life: Tie.


Having compared the Droid X and EVO 4G in nine major categories, let’s tally them up:

  1. Form factor: Droid X
  2. Display: Tie
  3. Phone functions: Tie
  4. User interface: EVO 4G
  5. Camera: Droid X
  6. Video calling: EVO 4G
  7. Data connectivity: EVO 4G
  8. Mobile Hotspot: EVO 4G
  9. Battery Life: Tie

EVO 4G: 4; Droid X: 2; Tie: 3

This comparison is my take on using the two phones. The categories are the ones I find most important on a smartphone; yours may vary based on your needs. While the EVO 4G gets the nod in this comparison, I find the Droid X to be a very capable smartphone. If I was on the Verizon network, or looking to get on it, I would pick up a Droid X in a heartbeat. It is easily the best phone on the Verizon network, or it will be when available July 15.

If one of these categories is very important to you, then the phone getting a clear win in that category is a strong contender for your money. If the carrier is the important factor in your situation, then go with the phone on your carrier of choice. Either of these phones is a good investment, and will serve you well.

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K first of all your review was VERY bias alot of things you counted toward evo you didn’t point out alot of the short comings….Droid X is faster than the Evo in opening web pages and apps BUT!!!

The thing that made me not even want to finish is how you said Verizon has a date cap for the Droid X???…..Negative


(Hmm, should’ve paid more attention to the field names…)

Anyhoo, another use for the front-facing camera that (ironically) the Verizon Droid X site pointed out: 3D

Whether or not you use the camera for video chat, it could be used to make the display act ‘3D’.

The kind that tracks your head/eyes and provides a different perspective as you look at it or tilt it. Works pretty well on other devices, such as the Nintento 3DS.

I’m still on the edge of making a decision… or I might wait another month to ‘see’ what materializes on the horizon again.

The only real problem with the tidal wave of smart phones is that I’m constantly left putting off a decision, because something ‘better’ comes up just as soon as I am ready to place an order. Again, and again, and again.

Quick Question

How does a Sprint unlimited plan save $1500 over a Verizon unlimited plan when it costs $10 extra per month for the privilege of looking forward to 4G… whenever that gets installed?

I mean, sure, turn on tethering and the formula changes, but 4G may not appear for over a year in my area (or it might turn up this year – Sprint is less than forthcoming with their roll-out timetable). At that point, unlimited 4G tethering would become such an excellent deal that I’d kill my cable modem service and switch over, but BEFORE that happens, and in areas still not serviced by 4G, Sprint has data caps on their 3G network for tethering/hub, too, just like Verizon does.


The EVO doesn’t have a swype technology keyboard for texting. So you bump keys on the way to others. The swype sensors in the Droid X make sure that no key is registered until a “minute trace” of pressure is felt by the glass. Samsung has this feature too, I figure I text more than I would ever video call, which seems to be kind of pointless. I’ll take the Droid X.

vijayant jain

Well the HTC EVO 4G has already been able to capture some mind share as it kick started the summer with a bang. On the other corner, we have the soon-to-be released Motorola DROID X which also comes in with a hefty 4.3” display – backed with Verizon’s stellar network and a once again profoundly relevant Motorola. These two giants in the Android community are going to go down in history for stepping things up a notch in the mobile industry with their high flying specs and monstrous appetite for attention.


It seems that out of the two, EVO has a slight edge over the Droid X. User interface is huge, and just by that alone, I would get the EVO.

EVO goodness

Why, yes I am… hey… that’s what she said. See hot chicks dig the EVO goodness.


what? user interface? they both have the same size screen, but the Droid X is quicker…. so not sure what you’re trying to say…

EVO Goodness

Yeah that’s what she said… Droid X goes too quick…
Not the same size Droid X longer but not as thick

Raymond Padilla

What’s so hard to understand? The Evo 4G uses HTC Sense. The Droid X uses Motorola customizations (but not full-on MotoBlur). I agree that the Evo has the better UI.


The motoblur customization on the Droid X has been shown to be faster than the Evo, even the features are different. Either way, apps such as launcher pro and the Dev teams (once the Droid X gets rooted in a day or 2) will be able to put Sense onto the Droid X for anyone who wants it anyway. UI is not something you should base your purchase off of, because even froyo push will change the UI entirely anyway. If Sense remains, it will be an updated version of Sense. If Ninjablur remains, it will be an updated version as well, so the UIs will change and you might find yourself wishing you had the new Ninjablur over the new Sense.



You are complaining about Sprint 55 million 4G coverage which will be near 130 million by year end. How about complaining a 1000 fold with ATT/VZ and the rest of the telcos for having BIG FAT ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 4G coverage with empty promises for years

You are complaining $10 extra, but even with that extra 10, you still save around $1000 to $1500 per year with Sprint vs ATT/VZ

Make sense in you complains buddy



There’s a huge difference between “complaining” and “objectively stating facts”. I was doing the latter. If you spoke English a little better, you’d get that.

Why don’t you go take a look at Sprint’s financial statements (they’re available on Google finance) and look at their income. It is negative. They continue to lose money every quarter, despite the EVO, Pre, and their competitively priced plans. I confess that I’m not an accountant and I don’t own my own business, but I do hold an MBA and I have had numerous classes on business. From what I can remember, companies that are hemorrhaging money don’t tend to spend a lot.

They are putting all of their eggs in the 4G basket. If they don’t get enough new customers, they will fail. The current 4G network shows that. They had to partner with Clearwire just to make it happen and Clearwire itself is a failing company.

Paying $10 extra for 4G access at this point is ridiculous. Sprint would be better off charging nothing extra to attract new customers, then introducing the fee later on when the 4G network is more mature.

Verizon might be later to the game, but their LTE network will be much more robust when it is live and they will have the money to invest in it to make it better.

But alas, I digress (and so do you). This isn’t about Sprint vs Verizon. It’s about EVO vs X and I admit that they are both good phones. But I’d take the X’s better hardware over a front-facing camera and immature 4G network any day.



1) Fuk english, english is not my first language, I don’t care.

2) Sprint financials are much better than ATT/VZ, Thats the TRUTH. You are talking to the wrong guy about your BS financial numbers, pal. I did accounting, did bookkeeping.
Sprint had around $6.5 BILLION CASH about in December’2009 vs ATT $2 billion, and VZ $1+ billion.
Now, compare that to Sprint net debt (less cash) of around $15 billion, vs ATT debt $76 billion, and VZ debt $66 billion. Sprint looks very preety in the balancesheet, pal.
Now, consider this, Sprint wrote down goodwill around $40 billion related to other company purchases, ATT/VZ still carries those worthless goodwill/expenses disguised as assets that needs to be writtendown, combined in around $140 billion (expense).
Every year Sprint is reporting profit of around $3 billion, but its been covered by writeoffs of depreciations and other intangiable assets, THAT HAS NO EFFECT ON CASH. REAL PROFIT IS POSITIVE CASH FLOW and Sprint has that yearly of $2.5 to $3 billion.

Sprint net debt is $15 billion, VZ debt $63 billion, ATT debt $74 billion.

This Sprint much better numbers dispite Sprint spent money to now have 3 times 3G coverage as ATT, look at the 3G map here:http://www.cellularmaps.com/3g_compare.shtml

And now, Sprint is the only one that has been spending building 4G network, ATT/VZ has ZEROOOOOOO 4G.
3) So, when you say Sprint has no money to spend on network, YOU SOUND or LOOK REAL STUPID. When you look at the 3G networks of Sprint 3G 3times more than ATT, and Sprint only 4G network, Sprint looks very preety and strong building all networks. The only SH#@#TY network is with ATT DROP CALLS allong with iPhone4 drop signals and iFAKING signal strength. Again ATT/VZ has ZEROOOOOOO 4G, only empty promises.

4) ATT debt $74 billion, VZ debt $63 billion, Sprint net debt $15 billion.

5) WILL, once again you have been misguided by some wise ASZ#@ that thaught they know what they are talking about.


About VZ LTE, it’s been EMPTY PROMISE EVERY YEAR for YEARS. VZ HAS ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 4G network as of right now and Sprint EVO 4G is the only provider of 4G network, covering around 55 million, at this pace by year end it will reach around 130 million. ATT and every other carriers have ZEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 4G network.

Sprint 4G is not in every square feet of of the world, but it still covers 55 millions right now and 130 million by year end. ATT/VZ and the rest has ZEROOOOOOOOO 4G.

VZ is speaking and promising future LTE, So is ATT, and so is Sprint…. so is the homeless guy.
What matters is what is HERE RIGHT NOW. RIGHT NOW SPRINT IS THE ONLY 4G NETWORK PROVIDER, iPhone4 is faking ‘4G’ name only



It’s obvious you are most probebly paid by someone to keep talking about financials, it has nothing to do with EVO 4G that is superior to DroidX. EVO 4G is faster, 55 million consumers can use 4G network on EVO 4G vs DroidX ZEROOOOOOO, because VZ has no 4G.

Around December’2009 Sprint had net debt around $15 billion, ATT had around $76 billion debt, VZ had around $66 billion debt.
And Sprint has been the only one heavily investing in 4G network in addition to having 3 times more 3G coverage to ATT.

So, Will,
Your points are LOST CAUSE


“Free cash flow increased to $666 million from $664 million in the third quarter and $536 million a year earlier. ”

That is REAL PROFIT and not what is coveredup with goodwill writeoffs, and intangiable writeoffs.

Sprint is 100% owner of their wireless division.
Verizon doesn’t own their own Wirelss division 100%, they share it, 50% is owned by Vodafon. Verizon would have seen reduction in their business too if they didn’t buy AllTell and the rest.

ATT didn’t even have a wireless division, they were going bankrupt, did a reverse split still their stock TANKED below $10. Only a mega merger with SBC saved them, infact it took another merger to save ATT that was BLS, it too one more merger to save bankrupt ATT, Cingular and ATWireless…..

VZ was going bankrupt too untill they merged with BellAtlantic….

Again Will,
Your points and posts are worthless


Wow. Somebody is really worked up. Have you had your blood pressure checked?

Also, enjoy your 30 FPS cap on your EVO. HTC has confirmed that it can not be exceeded with any kind of software update. If you’re lucky, maybe the dev community will figure it out.

Kevin C. Tofel

Folks, the post is about two phones and personal preferences are surely a factor. Why not just agree to disagree instead of clogging up the comments for an increasingly off-topic conversation? Sheesh! :)


Extremly sorry and apologize to everyone else too.
I makes me mad that inferior products are pushed down consumers throat for higher price and when a superior products come to the market from smaller companies, paid bashers and manipulators nulafy or try to put down the product and continue to push up inferior product.

Just give credit where credit is due. Facts are facts, no need for manipulations

Sorry again


Inferior products? Your entire basis for the Droid X being an “inferior” product is that it doesn’t have a front-facing camera.

No, I don’t work for Verizon. I even had service with Sprint for a little while, but I’ll take Verizon’s bigger network over Sprint’s limited 4G any day. At least I can admit that both the EVO and X are good devices. You appear to be absolutely obsessed with the EVO and incapable of objectively looking at any other device. How unfortunate.

I actually think it’s funny that you’re getting so worked up. The only reason I can see for that is that you’re harboring doubts about Sprint and possibly even your device. The people who so vehemently and blindly defend something the way you’re defending both are usually trying to convince themselves as much as they are other people.

You should also get a new keyboard. Your Caps lock appears to stick quite often.


EVO 4G is much better than Droid anything, below are the reason

EVO 4G has 4G network, DroidX DOES NOT Sprint 4G covering more than 50 million and 120 million or more by year end. Droid/VZ has ZEROOOOOOOOO 4G and won’t have a 4G phone untill June 2011, that is if VZ prediction is right.

EVO 4G has video chat, DroidX DOES NOT. Video chat is the most important new function or feature and DroidX DOESN’T HAVE IT.

EVO 4G Sprint saves you $1000 to 1500 yearly on comparable plan vs ATT/Droid.VZ

Will, you are an ignorant FOOL, intentionally being ignorant. None can educate you when you are like that.

Clearly EVO 4G is better than DroidX and both are much better than iPhone4. iPhone4 can’t even make


Jeez. You should probably change your diaper.

I don’t care about the price of the plans. I can afford to pay more for my cell phone plan and it means better overall coverage. I’m sorry if you can’t. There’s a reason that Sprint has a roaming agreement with Verizon (so that sprint phones can roam on Verizon’s towers) and it’s not because Sprint has better coverage. I also get a 20% corporate discount on my cell phone plan, so I pay the same amount you do and I have Verizon.

I love how you keep saying that a front facing camera is the most important feature. I’m pretty sure you’re in the minority in thinking that. Are you even aware that Nokia has had them on their high-end phones for several years now? Other, assorted manufacturers have also included them on phones in past years, including HTC. It didn’t become a big deal until Steve Jobs talked about it in a keynote. It will still take some time for that feature to catch on. I’m confused as to why it’s so important for you. Maybe you’re incredibly vain and you like using your phone as a mirror to look at yourself.


Reason why Sprint HTC EVO 4G is much better than Droid anything:

EVO 4G has 4G network, DroidX DOES NOT Sprint 4G covering more than 50 million and 130 million or more by year end. Droid/VZ has ZEROOOOOOOOO 4G and won’t have a 4G phone untill June 2011, that is if VZ prediction is right.

EVO 4G Sprint also has 3 times 3G coverage as ATT. That is in addition to the only 4G network provider

EVO 4G has video chat, DroidX DOES NOT. Video chat is the most important new function or feature and DroidX DOESN”T HAVE IT.

EVO 4G 8 devise hotspot, DroidX 5 hotspot

EVO 4G Sprint saves you around $1500 per year on similar plans to VZ/ATT



Stop LYING, You don’t pay your phone bills, you got it FREE from your employer. Save yourself some dignity and stop making FALSE statements like ‘YOU ARE PAYING PHONE BILLS’, ‘YOU DON’T MIND PAYING VERIZON HIGHER PRICE THAT WOULD OTHER WISE SAVE YOUR EMPLOYER $1000 TO 1500 IF IT WAS SPRINT’

You also have no clue about financials, balancesheet, Income statements, free cashflow, profits, depreciations, goodwill etc….

ADNI's dad

This, folks, is why pregnant mothers should never do drugs.


what’s wrong with 30fps? that’s the best you’re going to get out of bluray and dvd.


Thank you for the good job.

EVO 4G video chat alone should have won the superior status. I dodn’t know how Motorola missed that.


Because video chat is far from being a mainstream feature, let alone a need?

How many people do you know who can actually participate in a video call with you? Maybe a few iPhone 4 people (if they have fring) or other EVO owners (of which there are few, especially thanks to the stock crisis).

If Video calling is THE killer feature that you must have, then by all means, get an EVO or iPhone 4. But if we’re talking about the best overall mobile device, at least be realistic about how mainstream video calling really is.


I believe you can use Skype… therefore you can chat with anyone with a computer mic and camera.


That being said, video chat is still more of a novelty at this point than a necessity and it will be this way for some time, at least until more people get phones with front-facing cameras (which have been around for years without really catching on) and start using it as a regular form of communication. Realistically, however, the networks can’t handle the strain and you’re not always going to be in range of a wifi hotspot.


Will, skype doesn’t work for iPhone, only android devices – iPhone 4 users video chat with FaceTime, and can only use it if both parties are using FaceTime on Wifi, whereas with Android video chat either party can be on 3G or wifi using skype for fring.



You sound like an old man, like:

‘ZEROOOOOOOO 4G coverage by ATT/VZ is better than 55 to 130 million coverage by Sprint’ What FOOLISH argument is that?

‘No video chat by VZ/Droid is better than EVO 4G Sprint video chat or i4 WiFi chat’ Again what FOOLISH argument is that?

It’s so pointless to discuss facts with posters like you. You sound like 7 to 9 year old girl. No offense, but it’s so true and pointless.


You LIAR, you say that you choose VZ because you dont care about higher price but coverage. That you can afford higher price bla… bla… bla…. HA HAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA!!!!!!
You are such a LIAR. I bet you dodn’t pay for your phone or plan, it’s the corporation you work for that blindly pays your phone and plan you cheapoooo. You tried to call me cheap when I pay for my own phone and plans been doing it my whole life. Your corporation employer pays for your phone and plans

Most of us care about the fact that Sprint EVO 4G saves us around $1000 to $1500 in our phone plans every year vs ATT/VZ. You don’t care because you get it for FREE from shareholders.
At least don’t come here and LIE and make it look like you don’t care about the price and that you pay from your pocket.


Wow, dude. Really…ask mommy to change your diaper.

My company actually does pay my phone bill. But they would pay it regardless of the carrier and if they didn’t, I’d still be with Verizon and I’d still make enough money to pay the little extra that Verizon charges. I also get the same 20% corporate discount with any carrier, not just Verizon. The company only pays up to a certain amount. So, I pay a little out of my own pocket to stay with Verizon when I could have it completely covered at Sprint’s rate. Sprint isn’t a bad company and their coverage is at least better than AT&T and T-mobile, but Verizon is the best.

I would also argue that Verizon’s customer base (much higher than Sprint) speaks for the fact that cheaper isn’t always better. If the cost of the plan really mattered that much to that many people, wouldn’t everyone be on Sprint? Why choose Verizon over Sprint?

I love how obsessed you’ve become with this. You’re spending almost as much time trying to convince yourself that you’re right as you are me.


An old man, huh? Okay, Adni. It’s clear that you were born with down syndrome and you aren’t capable of looking at the facts objectively. You even devolved into hurling insults, probably because you feel intellectually inadequate. That’s fine.

I find arguing with the mentally challenged to be a fruitless waste of time, so you go ahead and have fun with your EVO and your video chat that you’ll hardly use and feel free to go rant in the EVO forums with the rest of the fanboys.

Also, if you could read (hooked on phonics could probably help you with that), you’d see that I wasn’t saying “No video chat is better than video chat”. I merely pointed out that it’s far from being mainstream or a necessary feature for most users. Here’s just one poll supporting me: http://www.phonedog.com/2010/05/14/poll-would-you-ever-use-video-chat/

As you can see, it’s almost 50/50 between “occasional use” and “yes, I must have”. You never answered my question: How many people do you know who can participate in a video chat session with you?


You are real STUPID dude.
If I spent $199 on EVO 4G, $199 on DroidX. All things equal EVO 4G covers around 30% of population vs Droid ZERO, EVO 4G has video chat vs Droid NOT, EVO 4G “SAVES” “SAVES” “SAVES” me around $1000 to $1500 even with $10 extra, why wouldn’t I buy EVO 4G, why wouldn’t I claim EVO 4G kicks A#@#S of DroidX?

Answer many be because Mr. WILL is fan of iCRAP or DroidX….

Use or no use, 50% use or 100% use. Who cares, I and everyone else want price being equal or less, they want the gadget or smartphone EVO 4G that does MORE, and SAVES SAVES MONEY


What about the 30fps cap on the evo for video and the hdmi ports? How do they function and compare?


I disagree with you when you say that both of these devices are phones first and foremost. For the past couple of years the mobile phone game has become more about data and less about voice which has been support by many sources.

These phones exemplify that their voice calling ability is incidental to their visual prowess. The screens on both of these monsters are 4+ inches diag. I recently bought a Nexus One (AT&T) because I finally got tired of carrying several devices and chose to unify their features for personal & business convenience. However, I truly believe folks are letting the device manufactures dictate consumer demand and anyone considering buying the EVO or Droid X should also consider using a netbook.

Christopher Selven

lol… the phoen game has become more about data and less about voice? the droid x has 3 microphones! count em. 3! the evo has video chat!

explain to me how device manufacturer and dictate consumer demand. that in itself is contradictory. the phrase ‘consumer demand’ means the consumers decide what they want, and purchase based on that (minus the apple sheep, who just buy whatever steve jobs says to buy).


Are three mics really necessary? No. Motorola’s CrystalTalk technology proved that a couple of years ago by providing high quality audio on their phones. As for consumer demand, your using the textbook definition however, in the race to match or best the iPhone manufacturers are betting more on quantity and size. In the case of the EVO & Droid X they’re saying bigger is better and hoping most consumers will go for it – and I mean no disrespect to market competion.

Christopher Selven

Wait, so you first make the argument that too little attention is being paid to void in the shadow of data, and then you ask the question “are three mics really necessary?” Looks to me like you’re less interested in proving a point and more interested in trying to seem like you’re right. Flip flopping in the process. If you’re bringing up that Motorola has CrystalTalk technology to provide high quality audio, why are you complaining that “the mobile phone game has become more about data and less about voice.” You’re contradicting yourself. Voice quality is great, and it will only improve. If you’re asking why data quality is improving faster, then you can blame true consumer demand, not manufacturers. Consumers want internet access, shows, sports updates, etc. That’s not a manufacturer decision. And why is it a problem anyway?


Jace is right, more focus is on data than voice. If you think thats wrong then show me a commercial for any phone on tv focused on a voice call. everyone tells you how many apps each platform has and one or the other is showing off an app. these are not phone anymore, even sony w/playstation is making fun of these devices and their abilities


Wait… you tweaked each phone until their battery life is similar? That’s supposed to be an unbiased comparison? lol…

Raymond Padilla

James, I’m surprised you found the Droid X was only a little bit better in terms of call quality. After about 90 minutes of phones calls, I’ve found the quality to be significantly better on the Droid X. That said, I only tested in two neighborhoods in Los Angeles.

James Kendrick

I have no issues with the EVO calls, and the Droid X’s are good too. Nothing significantly different in my testing.

Raymond Padilla

I’m satisfied with the call quality on the Evo 4G, but was really impressed with noise cancellation on the Droid X. I made several calls standing on the curb of a busy street, with dozens of cars and buses zipping by. My friends had no idea.


The comparison seems bias and the categories seem geared toward the EVO. Hardware isn’t really taken into account. From every other review I’ve seen, the Motorola is the faster phone. Sense is slick and the EVO probably seems just as fast, but the benchmarks don’t lie. The camera is also supposed to be slightly better. I would say that hardware-wise, the Droid X wins, but “hardware” isn’t a category.

Both are great devices. If I was on Sprint (and dedicated to them), I’d buy an EVO. Since I’m on Verizon, the Droid X is the clear choice. If I was on AT&T…wait, I’ll never go back to AT&T. I enjoy being able to finish a conversation without the call dropping.


EVO 4G is much better than Droid anything.

EVO 4G has 4G network, DroidX DOES NOT
Sprint 4G covering more than 50 million and 120 million or more by year end. Droid/VZ has ZEROOOOOOOOO 4G and won’t have a 4G phone untill June 2011, that is if VZ prediction is right.

EVO 4G has video chat, DroidX DOES NOT.
Video chat is the most important new function or feature and DroidX DOESN”T HAVE IT.


Ignorance is bliss. Also, way to be objective. I take it you own an EVO (like the guy who wrote the review)?

4G is worthless at present. It simply doesn’t have enough coverage and the speeds aren’t really there. Sprint and Clearwire don’t have the capital to invest in the infrastructure, so the expansion will be slow. Also, you pay $10/month extra for the privilege of having access to it when it’s available.

Front facing camera is cool. How many video calls do you make/day? I know that if I had it, I’d use it a few times to try it out and probably very rarely after that.

Also, thanks to Sense UI, enjoy your six month wait for Froyo and flash. The Droid X will have it by the end of summer. Also, expect all future updates to come out very slowly, based on HTC’s track record.

For reference, I currently own the HTC Incredible and I love it. I have had dozens of smartphones, including the original droid. It was a solid device. I also love sense, but you pay a hefty price (delayed updates) for it. As much as it adds to the experience, it’s almost not worth the trade-off.



you’re very wrong on the 4g network as sprint just rolled out 4g in upstate NY and it’s very fast compared to the 3g network. the extra $10 is wrong in every way, but sprint has plenty of capital to move forward.

i have had the evo and the battery life is real bad and lasted 2-3 hrs on a good day in NYC. In my opinion, i would take the evo when it comes to look, because the rest is just the same old stuff these days.

overall sexiness.. Evo


Looking forward to a Samsung Galaxy S review too =)

Noticed how generally there is a healthy respect between the DroidX and Evo among commenters, then suddenly a bitchy iPhone user barges in, tsk tsk tsk so insecure :P

Tom Cane

@The Four – Stop trying to reassure yourself that your iphone 4 can stand up to these phones. This is a DroidX/Evo4G review, the iphone 4 isn’t even mentioned, so get back in the apple line and make sure you “avoid holding it that way”.

@James Kendrick – Pretty good review, but I’d argue that your “Data Connectivity” and “Mobile Hotspot” sections are more of a Spring vs Verizon comparison than a Evo4G vs DroidX comparison. The Evo4G wins because of the network, not because of the phone. Do the numbers on phone comparison alone, and by your review, it would be Evo4G: 2, DroidX: 2, Tie: 3. Then, rethink your “Battery Life” section and realize that the DroidX’s battery is realistically twice as powerful as the Evo4G’s, agreed by pretty much every other review (i.e. http://www.pcworld.com/article/200505/stellar_battery_life_may_be_droid_xs_best_feature.html). This puts Evo4G: 1, DroidX: 3, Tie: 3.


I agree with Tom Cane, except I think that would put Evo4G: 2, DroidX: 3, Tie: 2. DroidX still wins though.


A 1540mAh battery is not twice as powerful as a 1500mAh battery. I have not used 4G yet but with 3G only on Evo the phone can last 2 days. Seido has a 1750mAh and a 3500mAh battery regardless. If the phones were unlockable and could work on either carrier the Evo would still win because HTC Sense is more workable than Motoblur. Regardless the carrier has to be a part of the decision because without bringing that into consideration you are not taking into account the total cost of the phone.


Sry Prethought, but I’m going to have to agree with Tom Cane also… every other review that compares the Evo4G has said that out of box (which is how the vast majority of people will be using it), the DroidX lasts twice as long as the Evo4G in battery usage. I think the author of this review is conveniently vague when he says that after his tweaks (which again, most people won’t do), the battery life is “very similar”. I doubt it…

And despite your opinion on HTC Sense being more workable than Motoblur, its still only an opinion. The DroidX isn’t even running Motoblur, it’s running Motoblur as you knew it, it’s running a very scaled down version that many people like. Many people don’t like Sense, and many people do like Ninjablur, and vice versa. I doubt you have even tried both, you’re just reiterating someone else’s opinion. That becomes void later this summer when Froyo is released anyway and wipes ninjablur out of the picture.

Taking the carrier into account for the total cost of the phone is fine, but that’s not what the author did, he looked at the carrier’s connectivity and hotspot availability and attributed that as a feature in comparison between the phones… which makes no sense. In fact, he didn’t even mention cost of the phones. Sry, but I think you’re simply trying to reassure yourself.


Just want to point out that every benchmark thus far shows DroidX with Ninjablur to be much faster than Evo4G and Incredible with HTC Sense.


@Prethought – You apparently don’t understand what I’m saying. I’m saying that once HTC pushes out the 2.2 update, it will overwrite your phone’s OS. Meaning no more HTC Sense. Get it? And you’re saying the Evo is a better phone because the Droid X make’s a “Droid” noise? If anyone here has made a weak argument, you have. Are you serious? To your iphone comments – you said that the iphone has one button for navigation. Here’s a newflash, you can’t get where you want to go by just pressing one button. That one button brings you home, then from there you hit more buttons on the screen to get to where you want to go. With the droid, you have the home button, which takes you home, or you can his the menu button to go to the menu, etc. With the iphone, you can only go home, and then you have to hit more buttons from there to get to where you want to go. Also, you admitted below that the iphone4 is slower. Sry, you lose.

Regarding the battery, you asked the question: “How is a 1540mAh battery going to provide twice the lasting power compared to a 1500mAh battery?” The answer – because of the phones. That’s what this discussion is about, isn’t it? You seem to not be realizing that its a 1540 in a Droid X vs a 1500 in an Evo 4G. The Evo 4G uses twice the power because of the phone hardware and software.

“If Tom had said the Ti proc is more energy efficient than the Snapdragon I’d buy that but he didn’t. You need to make your arguments semi plausable.”

Guess what, the TI isssss more energy efficient. It’s a 45nm vs your snapdragon 65nm. That means it runs cooler, it’s faster, and above anything else, it’s more energy efficient. Want proof? http://www.techradar.com/news/world-of-tech/future-tech/65nm-to-45nm-process-technology-explained-147819





Plain Android is crap having Motoblur or HTC Sense makes it less crappy. Case in point if I use RadioTime, Slacker or Pandora and get an email,text or navigation notification it honks out the notification. But when I had my Palm Pre it turned the volume down on the music and let the notification through without wrecking my ear drums. Android as an OS is pretty rough around the edges. No one uses an Android phone stock because a stock Android phone is crap. If they did they’d end up pitching it for an iPhone

I’m trying to reassure myself of what? That at this point right now the Evo is the best phone on Sprint?
In my opinion it is. I have the phone and I enjoy it eventhough it’s on an inferior OS that creepily targets ads to me at every turn. Next year I’ll have a new phone regardless. It’s a phone people not a religion.


Plain Android is awesome when you’re talking 2.2 (Froyo), everyone who has it already agrees. Regardless, you do realize that the upcoming push to 2.2 is going to leave you without HTC Sense, and Droid X users won’t have ninjablur either. So everything you’re saying is moot. I agree Evo is the best phone for Spring. I meant you’re trying to reassure yourself that it’s better than the Droid X. It’s not.



If HTC Sense was gone HTC would have launched Froyo now on their phones now. It’s not gone. Android is second class compared to iOS or webOS. Case in point your sry and Spring responses.
OK, scrap the carrier comparison. Ergonomics alone
the Evo wins I had the same issue with the buttons on the original Droid not to mention the annoying “Droid!” sound. If James is describing the same issue I had with the buttons on the original than I know I’m going to hate Droid X. Of course that is just my opinion and some people enjoy their phone saying “Droid!” with every notification. Of course the iPhone and Palm Pre have better navigation with just one button than either phone with 4. What happens when you have more than 6 tasks? Oh that’s right no one is going to install a 3rd party task manager because Android stock task manager is better with Froyo. Of course that’s just my opinion again some people enjoy the blackberry throwback task manager that is standard with Android.

Battery life argument was a weak one. How is a 1540mAh battery going to provide twice the lasting power compared to a 1500mAh battery. If Tom had said the Ti proc is more energy efficient than the Snapdragon I’d buy that but he didn’t. You need to make your arguments semi plausable.


Just wanted to point out that the iPhone 4 is slower than both and yet is a better phone than both stuck on a crappy carrier.


@PRETHOUGHT – You don’t get it. When HTC pushes out the 2.2 update, it will replace your current operating system. That means no more HTC Sense. Get it? Sry to break it to you.

How is it that you can say someone has a weak argument, and then go and say “the evo 4g is better because it doesn’t make a DROID sound.” LOL!

Regarding your iphone4 comments – the one button does not make navigation better, it makes it take longer. Think about it, with the iphone 4, you have one button that takes you home. That’s it. Then from there, you have to hit more buttons on the screen to go where you want. With the Droid X, you have the home button, then you have the menu, search, etc. If I want to go to the menu, I hit menu. If I want to go home, I hit home. On the iphone, you go home, that’s all. And you said yourself below, the iphone is slower. Sry, you lose. BTW, mentioning the palm pre does not help your argument. Pretty much everyone agreed that phone was pitiful, and if you don’t believe me, just look at its sales.

Regarding the battery, you asked “How is a 1540mAh battery going to provide twice the lasting power compared to a 1500mAh battery?” Answer: because they’re on different devices. The Evo 4G uses about twice the power in the same amount of time. That’s because of both hardware and software. Look at the benchmarks if you don’t believe me.

Then you said – “If Tom had said the Ti proc is more energy efficient than the Snapdragon I’d buy that but he didn’t. You need to make your arguments semi plausable.” Hate to break it to you, but the TI processor IS more energy efficient. That’s because its a 45nm processor vs your snapdragon’s 65nm. That means the Droid X’s processor runs cooler, faster, and above anything else, much more energy efficiently. Don’t believe me? http://lmgtfy.com/?q=65nm+vs+45nm


I have an Evo 4G but i’m going to have to disagree with you Prethought, you seem to be a little misinformed. The Droid X runs a 45nm processor, which is about 1.5x faster and uses half the power. This is probably one of the reasons why the battery life is so much better on the Droid X.

I love my Evo but I might move onto my mom’s family plan on verizon and I think this Droid has put me over the edge. The Droid X is def the better phone. This is the first review I’ve seen that has said otherwise.


Prethought is mad because he bought his phone 3 weeks ago and now a new phone came out that’s better. Get over it. In another 3 weeks, a phone will prob come out that’s better than the Droid X. That’s how it works, don’t let it bother you.

And I agree, this is the first review I’ve seen that has said the Evo 4G is better.



You obviously don’t understand the point I am saying. I can run froyo right now. HTC could push froyo right now but they are not going to because they will integrate sense. If everyone just made Android phones with the stock OS what would be the differentiator?

I was making his point for him. I wouldn’t have had a problem with his statement if he said it was the proc instead of the battery.

Yes my life is ruined because I bought an EVO instead of the superior Droid X. I must reassure myself that I won’t be a such a social outcast that I won’t be able to find a date to this falls homecoming. I will have to make sure I keep my EVO in its holster. Oh the humility of it all having such an inferior piece of hardware. I shall erect a temple to the god of Droid X to request forgiveness for bearing witness to false gods before him. I shall invoke jihad to any non believers of the Droid X greatness.


EVO 4G is much better than Droid anything.

EVO 4G has 4G network, DroidX DOES NOT Sprint 4G covering more than 50 million and 120 million or more by year end. Droid/VZ has ZEROOOOOOOOO 4G and won’t have a 4G phone untill June 2011, that is if VZ prediction is right.

EVO 4G has video chat, DroidX DOES NOT. Video chat is the most important new function or feature and DroidX DOESN”T HAVE IT.

EVO 4G 8 devise hotspot, DroidX 5

EVO 4G Sprint saves you around $1500 per year on similar plans to VZ/ATT

EVO 4G wins hands down.


@Prethought – You’re speculating now. The reasons they haven’t pushed froyo yet is because of their contract with google (who releases froyo first for a certain period of time) and because of their own network integration. That’s all. HTC has already said froyo will replace the OS and that means Sense too.

I’m glad I’ve finally convinced you that the Droid X is the superior phone. You can be sarcastic all you want, as long as you realize that.


In many other reviews, where the phones are not adjusted for battery life, Droid X usage time outlasts the Evo; point Droid X. Given this, both the Droid X and the Evo ultimately tie. Both are excellent phones, but with some differences. And, absolutely, depending on what a given person is looking for in a phone, or in a netword, a particular phone should be chosen with those needs in mind. Both the Droid X and the Evo, nevertheless, are essentially at a dead heat at the finish line.


EVO 4G is much better than Droid anything.

EVO 4G has 4G network, DroidX DOES NOT
Sprint 4G covering more than 50 million now and 120 million or more by year end. Droid/VZ has ZEROOOOOOOOO 4G and won’t have a 4G phone untill June 2011, that is if VZ prediction is right.

EVO 4G has video chat, DroidX DOES NOT.
Video chat is the most important new function or feature and DroidX DOESN’T HAVE IT.

EVO 4G 8 devise hotspot, DroidX only 5

EVO 4G Sprint saves you around $1500 per year on similar plans to VZ/ATT

EVO 4G wins hands down. Give credit where it’s due, EVO 4G wins. Imagine if Sprint EVO didn’t have video chat and VZ/Droid did, everyone would be screaming ‘EVO is not even in the compititon’


Great review but after using Sprint and their current plan, I can’t go back to Verizon. Too expensive for the same capability as Sprint. I too am looking forward to an EVO 4g vs Epic 4g review. Love the EVO but very interested in the Epic too. The Droid X looks like an outstanding phone and if I was on Verizon it would be a no-brainer.
I also agree that the iPhone is a great phone and I am Apple down the line for everything else but the network the phone is attached to kills it for me.


Does the Droid X support multiple Exchange accounts?


In a head to head comparison, how can the reviewer fail even to mention that the Motorola comes with “gorilla glass”–virtually indestructible–while the HTC’s display will be ruined the first time you inadvertently carry in with a few coins or keys in the same pocket?? dean

Matthew Miller

Dean, did you see the video in this post? http://www.sprintdroids.com/forum/sprint-android-news/218-htc-evo-4g-very-scratch-resistant.html

It seems to me that the EVO 4G is extremely scratch resistant too. Like James, I carry mine in my pocket and have a screen in excellent condition still too. I think the gorilla glass may be a bit more hype than anything. I have seen the photos online of dropped iPhone 4s that have cracked so nothing really seems to prevent breakage on large screen display devices.


Great comparison James!

One question: does the Droid X support 802.11n like the EVO 4G?


Or get the Invisible shield – I don’t even know its there.


i hope you enjoy the death grip on your iphone 4 lol. Android is the new king.


Which one? there are far too many android handsets, and they are all pratically the same, minus a better camera on one, a better screen on the other, a thinner android here, a fatter android here. Which one is actually king? Because in that case about 10% of each one would make a king phone.

Unless you mean the operating system when you refer to android. in that case, which version? 1.1, 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, or the upcoming gingerbread (no version number yet)

Yeah, you dont know either. no one does. and this is why android still fails to beat anything other than itself.


You’re making my choice easier with every review.

So when are you going to get a Galaxy vs. Evo review so I can place my order?



Comptition is now not Android EVO 4G vs iPhone4, rather it’s with Android EVO 4G vs Galaxy Epic 4G/ Droid X

Android rules; AAPL/iPhone is headed to stoneage just as Mac did

The Four

One thing fo sho these beasts got nuttin on my iPhone 4.

The 4 stands tall against these fugly monsters.

I will keep my iPhone4 thank you very much.


You are a pathetic sad little iSUCKER.
After all the AAPL/Jobs denials and LIES about their nasty emails and calling customers liars, and LIES about iFAKE signal strength, you are still suckingup to iPHone4 malfunctioning antena



I’m also a happy iPhone 4 user, but why troll?

I like checking in on the Android side because I like tech and I think they’re also great phones. I think the strong Android competition is what drove Apple to make one of the more dramatic updates on recent years. I’m sure the opposite applies – Android will be seeing better quality cameras And higher pixel density displays sooner than they would on their own because Apple is pushing those metrics.

Enjoy your toys people!


Your saying these phones have nothing on the iphone, yet these phones have been proven to be better than the iphone in EVERY category. 3x faster web speed, longer battery life thats is replaceable, better camera, bigger screen, a lot less of a monthly bill. Are you kidding me man? do you want me to go on? Its ignorant people like you that make these big companies rich for NO reason.

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