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YouTube Launches 4K HD Streaming, $5M Partner Grant Fund

Today at VidCon 2010 in Los Angeles, YouTube director of product management Hunter Walk announced that YouTube (s GOOG) will be launching a whole new level of HD streaming.

By selecting the “original” setting, users will be able to watch videos in 4096p resolution. While this won’t have much effect on creators whose cameras don’t go past 1080p, but according to Walk about 10 percent of all videos uploaded to YouTube to date are in HD quality, which makes it one of the largest HD video sites in the world.

Improvements to the annotation feature were also promised, with more customization to come in the fall and winter. “You’ll be able to bring in even more types of information,” Walk said, including the ability to pull in a live Twitter feed into a video.

Walk followed up this announcement with demonstrations of the YouTube Editor tool and the lean-back feature. Plus, Merton the Chatroulette Piano Guy Skyped in to perform some original content as well as a Tay Zonday cover or two. (When we interviewed Merton in April, he was having trouble getting YouTube on the phone — guess he finally got their number.)

In addition, YouTube partner development manager George Strompolos came on stage to announce YouTube Partner Grants, which he called “a five million dollar fund to invest in your creation.

“We’re actively identifying YouTube partners with views, comments, user engagement, quality content… We’re going to reach out to you, ask what’s holding you back, and help you out with that $5 million,” Strompolos said. “And as it progresses, maybe $5 million will become $50 million. Who knows?”

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6 Responses to “YouTube Launches 4K HD Streaming, $5M Partner Grant Fund”

  1. timekeeper

    4096p? This is such a marketing number.

    1) who has the bandwidth to support streaming that size of file at any useful bitrate.
    2) 4096p – who has a display that can support 4096 x 3072? Multiple displays maybe…
    3) Other than Red, who’s shooting that high?

    Bah! YouTube can do better than releasing this type of fluff.

    • nolaextreme

      panasonic, and several others have 4k to 6k cams. red is just the lower priced option for 4k and upwards to 28k in a few years. they are launching a 5k cam soon, and have set ups for 6k 8k and up all the way to 28k

  2. I wish YouTube used that $5 million to set up a way for content providers to make contact and develop relationships with advertisers. Kind of like the old saying. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime. Handouts is giving fish away. Creating an environment (if not a special website) where content providers can hook up with advertisers is teaching them to fish. Perhaps YouTube can team up with eBay to set up an eBay like system where advertisers can bid to insert ads into content, purchase product placements, and/or gain sponsorships.