WWD Screencast: Automated Screenshots With Fake

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Yesterday I wrote a post about Fake, a nicely-designed Mac (s aapl) browser automation tool. I noted that it was very easy to use, even for non-developers, so to show just how simple it is to use it to automate some tasks and why that might be useful, I made a screencast:

What would you use Fake to automate?

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The one thing I would love to see Fake do (and something I was wrestling with it to do this week) is cycle through a form and prompt me each time it hit a field. Afterwards, it would click a specific button, reload the page and start again.

Fake can almost do this right now except on sites where forms are “intelligent.” An example of this is Plancast. If you use Fake to fill the fields they never intelligently figure out the time or location (they hold the value passed to them from Fake but when you click submit it asks you to go back and fill in the fields). This was very odd but something 100% acceptable in a .2 version of something as awesome as this app.

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