Vid-Biz: Flash 3-D, TiVo, AT&T

Adobe Flash To Take 3-D Graphics Plunge; in a move that could keep ties with online games programmers strong, Adobe is adding 3-D graphics support to an upcoming version of its widely used browser plugin. (CNET)

TiVo’s Crafting a Whole-Home DVR; the company is developing a new client box for a whole-home DVR for cable providers, with MoCA as one of the high-speed home networking technologies it’s considering. (Light Reading Cable)

AT&T Threatens To Drop Rainbow Services; U-verse subscribers may miss the upcoming season of Mad Men as the telco is set to drop AMC and several other Rainbow Programming-owned services next week over a contract dispute. (Multichannel News)

Dish’s ‘TV Everywhere’ Trademark Application Suspended;the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a “notice of suspension” to Dish Network regarding its application to trademark “TV Everywhere.” (Multichannel News)

Comcast Shoots for ‘DVR2Go’ Trademark; the cable company is aiming to make the term “DVR2Go” a registered trademark, a move that could offer a peek into the direction of the MSO’s TV Everywhere strategy. (Light Reading Cable)

Five Leaves Canvas As Bertelsmann Looks For Sale; Five has pulled out of Project Canvas, the BBC-backed venture to bring video-on-demand to Freeview and Freesat. (paidContent:UK)

Blockbuster On Demand Makes its Way to Philips Blu-ray Players; the Blockbuster On Demand service will soon start showing up on new Philips Blu-ray players right alongside CinemaNow and Netflix. (High Def Digest)