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8 Useful Chrome Extensions for Collaboration

By installing a few carefully-chosen extensions, you can turn your browser from a simple tool for surfing the web into a collaboration workhorse; making the tasks of communicating with your team, sending them useful links and sharing files with your colleagues just a mouse click away.

While Chrome (s goog) doesn’t yet have the gigantic extension ecosystem that makes Firefox a must-have for many users, many of Firefox’s most useful add-ons have already been ported to Google’s browser. Here are some of my favorite Chrome extensions for collaboration:

Bookmarking/Link Sharing

  • Xmarks Bookmarks Sync. Xmarks is a popular bookmarks and password syncing service; it provides a simple way to synchronize bookmarks with your colleagues. Note: This extension is still in beta.
  • Delicious. This extension makes it easy to save links to your Delicious account. One of the great things about Delicious is that you can direct links to groups of people — so you could, for example, share a tactics link with your sales team, or some great CSS resources with your design team. Note: This extension is still in beta.
  • Shareaholic for Chrome. This extension makes sharing links to your social networks, blogs and IM a snap. A must-have if your team is using social media.
  • Clip to Evernote. Evernote is a tremendously useful note-taking app when used on its own, but if you use the Shared Notebooks feature you’ll be able to share the contents of your notes with your team. The Clip to Evernote extension provides a fast way to save URLs, snippets of text and images to your Evernote notebooks.

File Sharing

  • for Chrome. is a really easy-to-use file sharing service that we’ve written about previously. This extension enables you to quickly create new “drops” (pages for storing/sharing files) as well as to scrape all files from a web page to add to a drop.
  • Drop Box. This extension provides direct access to a user’s Dropbox account for easy file sharing and syncing. Note: This is an unofficial third-party extension.


  • LiveChrome. This extension provides access to Microsoft’s (s msft) Live sevices (Hotmail, Windows Messenger, etc.) Note: This is an unofficial third-party extension.
  • Gtalk. This simple extension puts a Google Talk (s goog) chat window within the browser. Note: This is an unofficial third-party extension.

Which Chrome extensions do you use for collaboration?

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2 Responses to “8 Useful Chrome Extensions for Collaboration”

  1. RDRush

    I use the following extensions and find that they really extend Chrome to a level where I get everything I need with very little complexity.

    1. Chromepad = for note taking/snippets; etc.

    2. Downloads = quick access to downloads tab page from your toolbar.

    3. Google Mail Checker Plus = check your GMail anytime from the toolbar no matter where you’re at on the web.

    4. Google Translate = translate any page into any available language from Google Translate right then and there.

    5. IE Tab = open a current page in Chrome rendered with an IE web engine if a page is broken with webkit.

    6. Sexy Undo Close Tab = Undo tab closings YOU want not from an ordered static undo list.

    7. ShowIP = shows you your current dynamic/static web IP address in real time.

    8. Web2PDFConverter = convert any web-page to a PDF document and retain all link functionality in the documents.

    9. XMarks Bookmarks Sync = cross platform bookmark manager for your Chrome bowser.

    10. XMarks Thumbnails = add thumbnail images to your Google and Bing Search results.

    I use allot of them in almost daily; while some entries appear to be redundant, like the Downloads extension, they provide increased and optimized accessibility skipping the dig into a menu option list.

    I spent about two weeks total time messing around with Chrome Extensions like it was my job and found the above to be extremely functional, reliable, and most suitable for an enjoyable, productive InterWeb experience.

    Enjoy and have fun.