YouTube Tries To Boost Production Budgets With $5 Million Grant Program

YouTube Glass Doors

YouTube will dole out $5 million in grants to some of its top video uploaders in its latest move to up the quality of clips on its site. The site says in a blog post that while many of its contributors “have been able to produce incredible videos” and “generate substantial revenues” they often “lack the resources and deep financial backing available to studio-backed production houses.” It expects grantees will use the cash to help rectify that by investing in “better cameras” or marketing, among other possibilities.

YouTube itself will reach out to some participants in its Partner program — “based on factors such as video views, subscribers, growth rate, audience engagement and production expertise” — and invite them to submit proposals. The site doesn’t say how many grants it will give out but does say the total number will be “small.”

For YouTube, it’s yet another attempt to bring more higher-quality content to its site. Its other moves on that front, however, have largely involved getting major media companies, like Time Warner (NYSE: TWX) and Disney (NYSE: DIS), to upload some of their video content.


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