Yahoo Paints iPad Owners by the Numbers


Women are picking up the iPad in greater numbers after the initial wave of mostly male early adopters who surfed from iPads in the first few days after launch, according to Yahoo (s yhoo). As one of the largest web destinations in the world, Yahoo is in a position to analyze its visitors to glean some information. The iPad was expected to be a game changer, so the portal started tracking visits by early adopters at launch and published a detailed look at those owners. Now that the iPad has been out for a while –and available outside the U.S. — the company has published another analysis, comparing buyers in the first nine days to the all of the three million iPad owners who purchased the device in the first 80 days.

The study paints an interesting picture of the average iPad owner. The iPad owner fits in an age group that is slightly older than that for other tech gadgets, as most fall in the 30 – 54 age range. There is a 3:2 likelihood the iPad owner is male, although female ownership has grown from the 2:1 male to female ratio of the initial Yahoo study. The lone exception is the Japanese iPad owner, who is four times more likely to be male than female.

Yahoo! also compared the surfing habits of the international iPad owner to owners in the U.S. and found that most of them were far more interested in technology than those in the U.S. The iPad owners in some countries were 3 to 4 times more interested in technology than their counterparts in the U.S. Maybe it’s a geek toy overseas?

We can see from the data that females globally (Japan excepted) are purchasing the iPad in greater numbers as time passes, which fits the stereotype that males are the early adopters of gadgets. The iPad owner is in an older age group than of other gadgets, which may point to a greater ability to spend a hefty sum on such a toy. No matter the gender or age, owners in the U.S. are far less interested in technology than those outside the U.S.

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Angel Santiago

Where is Mexico I got my iPad since this come out and I live in Mexico … damn


So 58-60% of iPad owners are over 30 years old? I see this as I go into coffee shops, it’s the older people who really love the iPads. So I ended up buying one for my grandmom, who’s 71 and she loves it. It’s perfect for her, nice & light and easy to read.

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