Green Overdrive: We Drive Mitsubishi's Electric iMiev!


Tesla’s Roadster may be the current belle of the EV car ball, but Mitsubishi’s pod-like iMiev could be the auto for the electric everyman (or woman). The iMiev has been sold in Japan for the past year and will be headed to the U.S. in 2011. Despite the upcoming competition from Nissan’s LEAF, GM’s Volt, or Fisker’s Karma, the iMiev could end up being one of the more low cost options in the U.S. at $35,000 a pop (and that cost doesn’t even factor in incentives).

Today on Green Overdrive, we step into the future to test drive the iMiev, and discover that good things do come in small packages.



If this is to be a regular feature, why not have it listed as a podcaat at iTunes?

Makes a big difference in eyeballs.

Chris Albrecht

Hi Eideard,

Thanks for watching and for the comment. Getting this as a podcast on iTunes is something we are working on and we’ll let you know as soon as we have it up and running!

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