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Electric Motor Startup KLD Energy Scoops Up $4.9M

KLD Energy Technologies, an Austin, Tex.-based startup developing motor systems for electric vehicles, has just raised about $4.9 million of a planned $6 million equity financing round , according to a new filing with the SEC.

KLD’s chief technology officer Rob Ferber, who previously worked as science director for electric car maker Tesla Motors (s TSLA) after a career in e-commerce (he founded Zelerate and was CTO of eToys), told us last summer that KLD planned to build its business by first deploying its system in electric three-wheelers and scooters internationally (starting in Asia and South America), and targeting electric scooter market in the U.S. through a deal with Vietnamese scooter manufacturer Sufat.

KLD’s system has no transmission, high frequency and low RPM, and uses a computerized controller to give electric two- and three-wheeled vehicles speed and performance capabilities on par with gas-powered counterparts. KLD Energy offers the technology for licensing, while its subsidiary KLD Motors America manufactures electric motors using a nano-crystalline composite material at a facility in Vinh Phuc, Vietnam.

KLD announced a $1 million Series A financing round early last year, which CEO and founder Christian Okonsky said at the time would allow KLD to demonstrate its system in prototypes, and regulatory filings show a pair of $2 million equity raises during the first few months of 2010. We’ve asked the company for details on plans for this latest funding and will update when we know more.

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