28 Responses to “iPhone: The Art of the Launch”

  1. t.rad

    I will never buy another Iphone again. Slow, expensive, poor service from AT&T, and I am just plain sick of apple’s modus operandi. Apple has three years left before it falls back into its old worthless self again. When fanboys start to leave, you know there are problems.

  2. Again, nice graphics. Indeed, the art of launch… But also the art of growth! Just take a look at the sales despite the problems & complaints.

  3. Interesting. What’s key is that those 1.7 million iPhone 4s were sold before the current issues came to light and there’s a hell of a lot more flak about them this time.

    What will be interesting to see is iPhone sales in the fall and Xmas quarters. If they sustain a high volume of sales and maintain share then that’s very positive. If it flatlines…

    • 99.999% of those sales are going to people who read Consumer Reports – not Gizwhineo.

      If you expect sales to flatline, sell your Apple Stock, now.

      No, I’m not selling mine.

    • chrimu

      I don’t care for those current issues. I would buy the new iphone 4 right now. If it was only available …

      @soulis: I never had any issues with overheating of my 3gs when using wifi for a few hours.
      But I also did not know that “overheating when using 3g and gps simultaneously” should be an issue …

  4. Soulis

    I think you forgot to mention 3GS = Overheating when using WiFi for a long period of time!!! I hope this is not happening only to me!

    • YUvamani

      The price never really dropped from 499 to 199 . A contract was added … And the contract subsidy caused the price drop. So If you bought another phone from ATT because you lost it for example, you still paid 499

  5. Om,
    Cool pictorial info.
    One thing to be added, about 75% of iPhone 4 sales are repeat customers. It is not attracting any more “New” customers from Verizon / Sprint to ATT.

    • If 75% of iPhone 4 sales are repeat customers, wouldn’t that mean 25% of its sales are bringing over “new” customers from the other carriers?

    • Alejandro Perez

      I bet you a million bucks, any company would kill for 75% return rate on their customers. Plus 25% new customers isn’t bad either that’s 475K phones to new users thats $118 M at an average of $249. Don’t get carried away with percentages they are usually misleading, thats why banks use them to promote “savings” in interest rates.

    • Ted T.

      Where do you think all the old iPhone (mainly 3G & 3GS) of the upgraders are going? My informal survey show friends, family, co-workers, etc. Many of those people are new to AT&T as well — so Verizon, Sprint & T-Mobile will be losing a lot more than just 25% of the AT&T total.